Westminster Whippet Missing

Whippet owners asking for assistance in locating the lost dog.

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We were able to get access to the highly restricted areas of the airport managed and patrolled by Port Authority. Because access was limited to one or two people at a time, except for specially arranged searches, we couldn't all participate in these on-grounds searches and patrols. Being that Bo had others dogs and Jil had horses at home in California, it was decided after three days I would stay for the on-airport patrols.

The Reismans generously offered for me to stay at their house. Honi Reisman joined me and we went out every day from Feb. 16 through Feb. 21. On Wednesday Feb. 22, Jil flew back to New York and she and I were out on the airport grounds searching Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Jil flew home Friday afternoon and Bo flew back to NY Friday night. He and I went out Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 25 & 26. During this whole time, Honi, Carol, Bonnie and many, many others were searching outside the airport.

Also during this time we had a team of search dogs trained to locate other animals come up for one day from Washington DC. Westminster Kennel Club generously offered to cover these costs. We obviously were not able to take them everywhere in the airport, but took them to the most likely areas and they did pick up some scent in a couple of buildings at one end of the airport. Nothing conclusive came from this, however.

Within a couple of days of Vivi being lost, we started receiving calls from many people who are either psychics or animal communicators, or have used these people and wanted us to contact them as they had information on Vivis whereabouts. We have so far been contacted by over 30 of these people and appreciate their efforts and concern.

Because we have so much information coming from them, sometimes contradictory, it is not possible to follow every lead. However, several have given us similar descriptions of areas where Vivi might be and other information that overlaps and these are the ones we are acting on. One of the most well known of all, Bea Lydecker, flew to New York last Wednesday and helped us for three days. She consulted with other communicators on the phone. They were all getting the same basic information, but we are hampered by the size of the airport and the vast number of buildings.

The things almost all the psychics had in common was that Vivi is alive, not injured and not particularly hungry, thirsty or cold. Most said she is still on airport grounds and could see human activity but is hiding so that people can not see her. The only problem with this is that there are probably over a hundred buildings that fit their descriptions, thousands of possible hiding places, and literally millions of sqaure feet of building space.

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