Westminster Whippet Missing

Whippet owners asking for assistance in locating the lost dog.

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The areas of the airport where the psychics think she is coincideds with where the search dogs found some scent. They are also the areas a dog would most likely gravitate to (less noise and activity, easy access to brush and mowed fields, and easy access to heated buildings).

What we think were dog droppings were found near one building and what we think were Vivis foot prints were found in another area, and both were within a mile or so of the buildings we think are most likely her hiding places.

Believe me, we have tried everything we can on airport grounds under Port Authority security escort. They have been as helpful and supportive as possible, but since 9/11 security is so tight that it is simply impossible to let other people, dogs, horses, pet detectives, etc. in the restricted areas where we think she is.

We have set up five live-animal traps in the areas we think she most likely is, but so far have only caught two feral cats and a raccoon.

The Port Authority has a wildlife biologist on staff as well as several assistants. Wild animals are a huge danger to aircraft, so these people work at this airport 24/7. They patrol the perimeter fence several times a day and are now checking our traps several times a day.

The only sighting of Vivi since she ran through the fence that first day was again that same night about 12 hours later. An Sky Chef employee saw her about midnight on airport grounds near the buildings we think most likely for her to hide in. He did not contact us about this until Saturday, Feb. 25, as he did not know about the search for her until then. This was great news as it confirmed she did not get stuck out in the marshland and drown at high tide and shows the importance of the volunteers handing out flyers and putting up posters.

There are LOTS of rabbits on the airport grounds and Vivi frequently catches, kills and eats rabbits and squirrels on Jils farm. She is quite likely hunting at dawn and dusk and hiding out in a building  during the day and at night.

One of the most encouraging things we hear from people, especially Sighthound owners, is that they have or know of dogs that have been lost for weeks or even months that have survived and eventually been reunited with their owners. Once a dog goes into survival mode, they make hiding from people a top priority.

We hope Vivi will let herself be seen soon so that we get another sighting. As soon as we do, well be back on a plane to New York to continue our search and bring her home (in the cabin of the plane not in a crate!).

We are in the process of setting up a Find Vivi fund to help with the quickly mounting expenses, and any excess money will be donated to a shelter that deals with stry dogs in New York are well as to volunteer organizations that help locate lost pets. I will e-mail this information to you when it is available.

Daily updates are posted at the American Whippet Club website under Vivi updates.

Thanks again for your concern and best wishes,

Paul Lepiane

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