Vivi: Missing Whippet Update

Here's the latest update on the missing Westminster Whippet, Vivi.

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The substance used in the bait is a combination of food stuff and special oils which dogs love. According to the company which produces the bait, the Long Distance Bait should be used to get target dogs close to the live trap. The Trap Bait should be used in the trap on the trip pan. These baits release smells which will attract dogs from great distances, so they help decrease the time it normally takes to trap them.

The manufacturer says: "Our specially formulated scent is too much for any dog to resist when added to some beef. In general, it is always better to use a trap bigger than needed. Dogs will always enter a trap which is bigger than them but rarely one that is too small."

WHERE TO USE IT: The Long Distance Bait should be used around the trap being set. Put small amounts out on trees, fences, bushes and other places in an attempt to get the smell to flow with air currents. Dogs will follow their noses to the smell and the ideal placement will allow them to quickly find the trap once they find the Long Distance Bait. You only need teaspoon placements around the trap, generally no more than 25 feet away from the live trap. Make four such placements to allow for maximum scent coverage around the trap. The Trap Bait is used on the trip pan of the trap. Smear 1 tablespoon on the trip pan and then be sure to use a slab of ground beef or beef bone behind the trip pan. The beef might smell but it won't carry as far as the Canine Bait. It is important to have some behind the trip pan, however, since this is the pot of gold which will get the dog in the trap as well.

RATE OF APPLICATION: One teaspoon of Long Distance Bait needs to be placed around the trap being set about 25 feet north, east, south and west of the trap. This configuration will allow for maximum coverage and increase trap catches the most.

This bait works on all canines and is packaged in either a 1 ounce or a 4 ounce jar. For further information, email:

If this weeks search does not come up with any traces of Vivi we will at least have the satisfaction of knowing that every possible avenue of looking for Vivi has been attempted.

I have asked the lawyer if we can have more information tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience and faith in all those involved.

For more information visit the American Whippet Club website.

Posted: March 10, 2006, 3 p.m. EST

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