Vivi: Missing Whippet Update 3

Here's the latest update on the missing Westminster Whippet, Vivi.

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The two sightings of Vivi in Flushing, combined with the tracking dogs finding strong scent of her in the garage there, make it obvious that Vivi has been in Flushing for at least the past few days. What we do not understand is why Vivi would accompany an unknown person without being on a leash, but this of course also strongly indicates that she's in good health, not afraid, and is well taken care of by whoever happened to pick her up. Karin Goin has pointed out repeatedly that lost dogs are practically never found by their owners; it is almost always a stranger who accidentally finds the dog. We don't know why this person has not made himself known to us. Perhaps he has not seen the posters. Perhaps he removed Vivi from the building prior to this evening. Perhaps he is afraid that the police may be involved. We cannot emphasize strongly enough that the reward of $5000 will be paid to whoever hands Vivi safely over to us - no questions will be asked.

With everyone in the apartment building now aware of Vivis presence there in the last 24 hours we are hoping for a call tomorrow. I apologize if this re-telling reads like a bad detective story; in real life it is almost unbearably frustrating to be so close yet not being able to do anything more. Please join us in hopes for a speedy resolution to the present situation. I appreciate your kind thoughts and well-wishes, but please do not call or write unless absolutely necessary. Any and all important developments will be posted on this site.

Thank you.

For more information visit the American Whippet Club website.

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