Search for Missing Vivi Continues (Updated 03-23-06)

The search for Vivi reaches its 5-week mark.


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The weekend
I was not able to send an update about the search in NY this past weekend because I was there and did not have access to a computer. The details in any case matter little; all I can say that is that it was incredibly frustrating to be so close to where Vivi was sighted without being able to find her. There were several sightings while I was there during Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, on at least one occasion just minutes before I got to that location. It is also quite possible that Vivi heard my voice but was still too feral to respond the way she normally would. In addition to the girl who may have played with Vivi, at least one man fed Vivi bits of bread through the cemetery fence. He is sure that she no longer was wearing her collar but had a rope around her neck, which means that she in fact must have been captured once and then let go.

Jil and Rick are walking essentially the same routes as I did, and Paul before us. I am hoping that they have more success than we did.

Thank you
It is impossible to properly thank all the people who have offered help and services in so many ways. There would be no organized search without Honi Reisman, who leads the activities in New York and should be consulted before any actions are taken concerning the search for Vivi. Bonnie Folz has organized the volunteers and keeps track of sightings. (Its impossible not to mention two volunteers, Tina and Rosa, who have been out EVERY DAY assisting in the search, but the whole group is incredibly dedicated!) Brian Rosenberg has extended tremendous hospitality in placing the grand Garden City Hotel at our disposal for both the fundraiser and as temporary headquarters during Pauls and my visits. Joyce Randazzo has offered to deal with Delta on Jils behalf, and Denise Flaim has assisted immeasurably in keeping the story alive through her Newsday updates, both in the newspaper and on the internet.

I am sure I have left out many names and apologize for this; I doubt whether any lost dog ever has had as many generous, helpful people devoted to finding her as Vivi has. We are immensely grateful to this and trust that all this will help other dogs from suffering the same misfortune. We are also, finally, still hoping for a happy ending to this very difficult experience.

My apologies for the length of the above. I hope its comprehensible; its now past 2:00 AM.

For more information visit the American Whippet Club

Posted: March 23, 2006, 5 a.m. EST

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