Search for Missing Vivi Continues (Updated 03-24-06)

Volunteers help to expand the scope of the search.

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Bonnie needs to be thanked at least as much as any of her volunteers, if not more, as she has the difficult task of organizing all this. Her email address is

I am personally concerned that a lot of people out looking for Vivi might inadvertently frighten her and cause her to be more difficult to catch, but I know that Bonnie will address this, so everyone will be very calm and not disturb Vivi unless there is a very real chance of successfully catching her.

Suggestions for what to do when Vivi is seen
Its good that the focus is shifting to the crucial point of how to act once Vivi is seen. All the sightings are great, and putting up posters is necessary, but none of that helps if Vivi gets away because whoever is trying to grab her makes a wrong move. Unfortunately there is no sure right or wrong way to catch a now obviously skittish Whippet, but at Bonnies suggestion Paul asked Karin Goin for her advice. It follows here, with some additions from Paul and me. (We obviously don't have the experience of lost dogs that Karin has, but we have several decades of dealing with Whippets and other sighthounds, including a few panicky hounds in different circumstances.)

We hope that when applicable the following may also be useful for other people with lost hounds.
First, Jil needs to be with a driver who knows the area and can get her to where Vivi is spotted as fast as possible.

If anyone sees Vivi, the FIRST THING they should do is call Jil and tell her where they are so she can get there immediately.

Next, every volunteer should have some cheap raw beef or beef blend hot dogs to use as bait, at least 2 packages each.

If possible, the volunteers should select a place to park their car near a fenced yard that has a gate that is open.

THE FIRST AND BEST SCENARIO: Find a front or side yard with a high fence and a gate. Ask permission of the owners to leave a trail of hot dog pieces from the street leading far into the yard, so if Vivi follows this trail someone could shut the gate behind her. The hot dog pieces need only be the size of a large grape and dropped a couple of feet apart.

If that were to happen, the volunteer should wait until Jil gets there to try and catch her. If she is contained in a fenced area, you SHOULD NOT do any more until Jil gets there. Whippets are great jumpers and Vivi could get over a 6-foot fence if she panics.

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