Search for Missing Vivi Continues (Updated 03-24-06)

Volunteers help to expand the scope of the search.

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If it is not possible to find an ideal scenario like this, THE NEXT BEST PLAN is:

Put about 1/3 of a hot dog on the ground somewhere near this yard (it shouldn't be right in front of the gate). This is to slow her down if she comes trotting by. The volunteer should be in a car across the street and a little distance down the road, NOT right next to the hot dog. That's too close and would scare her when anyone opens the car door.

Next, just ONE person should CALMLY AND QUIETLY get out of the car (leave the car door open, don't slam it shut!) and walk parallel to Vivi or even away from her, calmly and quietly calling her name. DO NOT WALK DIRECTLY TOWARD HER and DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT HER. If she looks interested the volunteer should calmly make a big deal of dropping half a hot dog to the ground ("Oh, look at this delicious hot dog. I bet Vivi wants some" etc.). Make sure she sees it and then walk away about 30 feet and kneel down. If she comes and eats the hot dog, drop another piece and move away, but not as far this time. Remember not to look directly at her. Just be very casual, as if everything is normal and this is what you do every day.

Don't toss any bait to her. Just drop it and walk away.

If Vivi stays around for 5-8 minutes you have a very good chance of her staying longer. Just stay calm, don't rush anything, and keep feeding her little bits of hot dog. Even pieces the size of a large grape should keep her around. If she looks like she might eat out of your hand, let her, pet her gently and IF ITS SAFE take firmly hold of the rope, or slip a leash quietly around her neck. (She normally would not mind this, but its hard to know if even seeing a leash might now scare her.)

If at all possible, THE BEST THING would be to lure Vivi into a fenced yard, so its posible to shut a gate behind her. Even better would be a garage or a shed with a door that's easy to close.

If this is not possible, just try to get Vivi to get even closer and STAY CALM AND CASUAL, sitting or kneeling there hoping she'll get close enough to pet, and, if she does have a rope around her neck, get hold of it ¬ and Don't LET GO.

If Vivi is startled or someone tries to grab her but doesn't catch her, it will just make it much harder to get her in the future. Don't GRAB HER UNTIL YOU ARE SURE YOU CAN HANG ON TO HER! It is probably better to not try to grab her at all than trying to grab her and letting her go. Its a very difficult decision, but once you have a leash around her neck, do NOT let her go no matter what!

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