Search for Missing Vivi Continues (Updated 03-24-06)

Volunteers help to expand the scope of the search.

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If possible, each volunteer should have a slip lead like those used in veterinary offices. If you are lucky enough to get her to eat our of your hand, maybe you can slip one of these leads over her head.

If Jil gets there, she should follow the same guidelines as above and the other people should move away.

If Vivi is caught, get her into a car as soon as possible. Even Jil should put off hugs and kisses until she is in a car, as she might be all excited to see Jil and then still bolt away.

It probably helps not to wear flapping, large coats or hats that might look scary to a dog.

Since you are in a public street you cannot expect to be uninterrupted. If someone approaches you may lose your chance, but if possible ask people who live nearby NOT to come out if they see Vivi or hear you talking to her. The fewer people that are around the better.

Finding Vivi is difficult enough, but actually catching her might be much more so. We don't know how many people have chased her, scared her or tried to catch her already. We do know that she is pretty wary of strangers now (although not of children) and very different from her normal, confident, people-loving self.

The media circus continues. Jil told me that she was at one point followed during her walking by five TV cameras (she got them to help with the traps, etc. and managed to shake them off when walking in areas where it was likely she might actually encounter Vivi). There has apparently been considerable newspaper coverage in the area as well. We have had calls today from local newspapers here in California (which is of no real help to us), and MSNBC sent a crew up from Los Angeles for an interview with Paul at "Countdown with Keith Olberman," who made the Vivi search his #1 Countdown ¬ ahead of stories about President Bush, Washington press corps veteran Helen Thomas and Bill OReilly... Its frankly bizarre, but we have given up trying to understand why the story of our dog obviously appeals to so many other people and just accept the fact that the national publicity makes people who live in the area where Vivi is more aware of her.

Again, thanks for all your good thoughts.

For more information visit the American Whippet Club

Posted: March 24, 2006, 5 a.m. EST

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