Search for Missing Vivi Continues (Updated 03-24-06)

Volunteers help to expand the scope of the search.

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Posted Courtesy of the American Whippet Club

Whippet: ViviSeveral more sightings of Vivi today, including one very early morning encounter when a man walking his Doberman saw Vivi on the other side of the fence at the same cemetery where she's been before. Apparently Vivi came right up, stood nose to nose with the Dobe and reportedly seemed happy to see it. She has not as far as we know responded to any dog before this since getting lost, but Jil says that one of Vivis best pals at the barn at home is a Doberman.

Jil and Rick have continued to walk and call. Obviously the sightings in the same area are encouraging, but it must be frustrating for them to be so close without seeing Vivi.
I was hoping these updates could be kept brief but would like to forward some information from Bonnie Folz and Karin Goin.

Saturday Stake-Out
Bonnie Folz, who organizes the volunteer searches and posters, writes the following:

"On Saturday, starting at 6:00am, we will be conducting a Stake-Out, where volunteer watchers will be assigned specific corners/blocks to watch. I will set up specific protocol to use once Vivi is sighted by one of our group to keep everyone on the same page when Vivi is seen. This protocol information will be given to all volunteers prior to Saturday. There will also be a few floaters out to assist the watchers and help with breaks where needed throughout the team of volunteers. I need to know by Friday afternoon who will be able to volunteer for the Vivi Stake-Out and what hours you will be available. This will be an all-day (dawn till dusk, so to speak) task. I'm sure not everyone can be available for the full day but ANY time you can be there to help out would be so very much appreciated.

"Once I know how many volunteers will be on hand, I will give out assignments of the corner/block to watch, so you can go there first thing Saturday morning. I will need to know who will be volunteering, what time you will be at your post and what time you need to leave for the day, so I can coordinate who will be where and all areas are covered at all times. Please email me this information using Watcher in the subject line of your email. We will leave putting up posters and flyers till the evening hours.

"Once again, I cannot thank EVERYONE enough. You have all been doing a GREAT job. Hope to see everyone on Saturday. Keep the faith!"

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