Search for Missing Vivi Continues (Updated 03-25-06)

Preparations for the Saturday stake-out begin to take affect in hopes of retrieving Vivi.

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"Schools are a great resource for search help. Ask the principal to make announcements about the lost dog and leave flyers to pass out and post on bulletin boards. Kids see everything in the neighborhood if you give one kid a flyer, five more will have seen it by the end of the day. Don't ignore the little kids either. They tell their folks everything."

"In our experience, rewards often work against getting sightings. What happens is that you will increase the numbers of people looking for the dog, yes, but the new people tend to be bounty hunters, teenagers, or cowboys, who just think of the money, not the safety of the animal. Often, when they see the dog, the first thing they do is chase, and sometimes they chase the dog right out of the safety of the territory the dog has felt comfortable in." (The reward for Vivis safe return was set by Jil at $5000 long ago and will be honored. We would not have gotten the media interested without a reward, and this has played a vital role in making local people aware of Vivi. The "bounty hunters" are a concern, however. According to a newspaper article today several such types have moved in to look for Vivi in Flushing. They won't catch her but they could scare her away.)

"Finding a lost Greyhound is difficult; catching a loose Greyhound who doesn't want to be caught could be one of the most frustrating challenges one ever faces in Greyhound rescue."

"When you or your volunteers see the hound, do not chase or follow him, make him think you have no interest in him. Turn away, don't make eye contact, sit down on the ground, and if you have a hound with you, give some treats to him. There is nothing that will make a hungry dog more curious than watching another dog eat. If he approaches you, stay on the ground, avoid eye contact and toss treats in his direction; gain his trust through his food motivation. Lick your lips, and yawn, a lot. These are Calming Signals. Have a looped leash handy in case he approaches close enough."

There is much more, mostly information that we have published before. Michael lists a number of Greyhounds which have been lost for several months, even years: Mike for seven months in Marshfield, MA (captured in a live trap); Barney for over a year in Southbridge, MA (captured in a live trap); Scarlett for seven months, from November 2001 to May 2002 in Pawtucket, RI (captured in live trap); Phantom for at least 10 months in Cincinnati, OH; Connor for 18 months in Camptown, KS; Cavan or seven months in Bennington, VT; and Lady Grey for at least 15 months on the campus of Eastern New Mexico University. Note the locations and the temperatures these dogs endured. None of them was loose in a city, however.

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