Search for Missing Vivi Continues (Updated 03-31-06)

Another day without a sighting of Vivi.

Posted Courtesy of the American Whippet Club

Another frustrating day with no more reported sightings of Vivi. Bonnie is asking volunteers to inform businesses in the College Point area north of Flushing Meadows Park that Vivi was last seen in this neighborhood on Monday night. We can only hope that she is still in the same area and that there will be another sighting soon.

Please remember that the emphasis must be on NOT frightening or stressing Vivi but hopefully make her more comfortable staying where she is now, with the ultimate goal that she should want to get caught.

It seems that Delta is not willing to compensate Jil in any way for her loss, or to pay any of the expenses that have been incurred in the search. If it turns out that I am wrong in this assumption I will be delighted to say so in this space, but Jils volunteer lawyer, Joyce Randazzo, says she doesn't think Delta will come through as hoped. This is frankly difficult to believe since nobody has questioned the fact that Vivi was lost while in their care. We are contemplating what further action to take if Delta does not give a satisfactory response to a final letter from Joyce.


For more information visit the American Whippet Club website.

Posted: March 31, 2006,  5 a.m. EST


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