Nashville Dog Parks Bans Unleashed Pit Bulls

Starting April 15, American Pit Bull Terriers and similar breeds won't be allowed in leash-free areas at dog parks in metro Nashville, Tenn.

Nashville and Davidson Countys Metro Tennessee Parks Board on Tuesday passed a ban on unleashed American Pit Bull Terriers and dogs of similar breeds at the areas three municipal dog parks which have off-leash areas.

Leashed pit-bull-type dogs will still be allowed in the on-leash areas of the dog parks, as well as on the general grounds of Centennial, Shelby and Edwin Warner parks.

According to the Metro Public Health Department, area officials have become more sensitive to the problem in the past six months, and the ban was devised because of numerous incidents mostly dogs attacking other dogs dating back to last year.

One of the more significant episodes occurred last September, when a pit-bull-type dog attacked a park police officer after the officer approached the leashed animal, which was lunging at a child.
The dog bit the officer on the bicep, drawing blood.

As part of the new ordinance, animal control staff will train parks employees to identify the types of dogs that are prohibited.

Posted: April 7, 2006, 5 a.m. EST


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Doug   Nashville, Tennessee

2/10/2013 11:29:49 AM

We took out pit mix puppy to the east Nashville dog park shortly after getting her. She lives to play with other dogs! We were not aware of the ban until later. Once we entered the park and turned her loose, a doberman and german shepherd promptly attacked her, as she rolled over in submission. Where the owners were, we had no idea. My wife and I came to our pup's rescue, and my wife obtained a bite on the hand from the shepherd while trying to grab our dog. (Fortunately, the skin was not broken, but she obtained a bruise and swelling). This just demonstrates irresponsible dog owners are the issue, not particular breeds. We vowed never to go back to a dog park again. We pay to take our dog to a doggie daycare 2 days a week so she can play and be part of a pack. She passed the temperment tests with flying colors, and has been going there for lamost one year, with no issues of any kind. Doggie daycares test dogs before accepting them, so undisciplined, aggressive breeds of all kinds are not accepted. Yes, it costs money, but at least we know she's safe.

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Jenn   Paduach, KY

5/6/2009 1:06:31 PM

We live in Ky but frequently drive through Nashville, we were hoping to be able to get out pit/ lab mix and our Great Dane some good off leash socialization and fun on our next trip through as we do not have a dog park here. My heart sank when i read that rule. My dog is the most submissive animal i have ever met, a Chihuahua bullied him through his puppy class. I wish they would base these choices on the etiquette and personality of the dog, and not what breed they may be.

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Denise   Nashville, TN

4/28/2009 6:32:53 PM


I was just at Centennial dog park today with my 5 month old little dog. Me & my girlfriend had just arrived. The last time we were there bigger dogs were being really aggressive towards him so I had reservations of letting him off the leash. So... this time we weren't there for more than 2 minutes when we spotted a pit bull. So... thinking that maybe this was one of the nicer ones we let our guard down. & within that 2 minutes that pit bull had run over our dog & made him holler & cry. Just basically bullied him into the ground. So... I grabbed the leash & leashed my dog & started out of the park with him. WHEN... the pit bull ran up & over him again. So,,, I got mad & kicked dirt at the pb & told him NO... GET OUT OF HERE!!! & the owner was now coming down the hill telling me to not KICK AT HER DOG. Which I replied... I WASN'T KICKING YOUR DOG. Your dog was being very aggressive towards my dog & as a matter a fact. That... if you would have read the sign it says that PIT BULLS OR DOGS RESEMBLING PIT BULLS ARE P_R_O_H_I_B_I_T_E_D. Which she replied... THAT"S NOT TRUE... THEY ARE ALLOWED... YOU NEED TO READ THE SIGN!!! I replied... COME DOWN HERE & I'LL SHOW YOU ON THE SIGN WHERE IT SAYS THEY ARE

Needless to say that another dog park patron spoke up & said that they are indeed not allowed. So... she went directly to her car & jetted out of there before the park police showed up (which I had called).


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meredith   nashville, TN

2/7/2008 5:08:47 PM

There is a pitbull/mix dog that lives next door to us. They do not have a fenced in yard and would benefit GREATLY from being allowed to run in a dog park. She is the sweetest dog I know and needs the excercise. It sucks that I cannot invite my neighbor along with my dog to the dog park when her dog is more well behaved than mine and mine is not a pit. I think dog parks should have rules of ediquette and that's it. A nasty any breed should just stay home.

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