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Posted: March 27, 2008, 5 a.m. EST

Oprah’s Dog Sophie Passes Away
Oprah Winfrey’s Cocker Spaniel, Sophie, has died of kidney failure. She was 13. Winfrey had talked about Sophie's illness in the December issue of ”O” magazine, revealing she and her boyfriend Stedman Graham were "preparing for the inevitable," the Baltimore Sun reports.
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How Noise and Music Affect Dogs and Cats
We hear all about dogs as connoisseurs of scent – how their noses are a hundred times more sensitive than our sniffers. But when it comes to aural input, dogs can and do go into sensory overload. "They are instinctively tuned in to react to noises," explains veterinary neurologist Susan Wagner, Newsday reports.
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Group Issues New Advice for Hospital Pet Visits
Hedgehogs, prairie dogs, non-human primates and alpacas shouldn't be making rounds in hospitals and long-term care facilities, according to new infection control advice for popular animal visitation programs. And animals at high risk of carrying salmonella – turtles and dogs fed a raw food diet – should be barred from participating in animal therapy programs, the guidelines say, The Canadian Press Association reports.
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Memorial Grows After Fire at Pet Hospital
Pet owners are trying to put the pieces back together after the fire that killed 16 animals. The fire happened Saturday night at the Paradise Pet Hotel. Firefighters are talking about how hard they worked to save those animals. The memorial outside the hospital continues to grow and with it sympathy for those lives lost, 16 pets that firefighters were prepared to save, KTNV (Las Vegas) reports.
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Rescued From War: Tales of Puppy Love
Navy officer Mark Feffer of Annapolis, Md., fell in love with Cinnamon during his first few days in Afghanistan. When Feffer's tour ended, he couldn't bear to leave Cinnamon behind. The mission to bring the animal stateside — despite military regulations against doing so — almost ended when the puppy went missing, but after a frantic 44-day search across Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan, the dog arrived safely in the USA, USA Today reports.
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