The DogChannel Newswire (06-11-08)

Expectant parents baby-proof their dogs; dog swallows toxic toad and survives; and other dog news.

Posted: June 11, 2008, 5 a.m. EDT

Help Scaredy Cats (and Dogs) Cope with Fireworks
Experts haven't figured out why some pets are extremely sensitive to fireworks, but some believe the smell of gunpowder may add to jitters caused by loud explosions. Dog owners can, however, desensitize their pets to the sounds of explosions or help dogs associate the sounds with something pleasurable, The Canadian Press Association reports.
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Expectant Parents Are Baby-Proofing Their Dogs
While pregnant with her first child, Meridith Duffy cried nearly every day – to her dog trainer. She feared she'd have to part with her pit bull, Haley, when her child was born. The Duffys are part of a new breed of parents-to-be who pay to baby-proof their dogs, The Wall Street Journal reports.
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Passersby Can’t Free Dog Locked in Hot SUV
When a dog was left unattended in a vehicle in the Stroud Mall parking lot Saturday, passersby weren't sure how to help the animal in the extreme heat. The outside air temperature was in the sizzling 90s, and it was much hotter inside the parked SUV, the Pocono (Pa.) Record reports.
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Dog Swallows Toxic Toad (Both Survive)
Dog owners in parts of Australia know the dangers of the Cane toad, a toxic green jumper that, if consumed, can kill a dog in as little as 20 minutes. So when a three-year-old dog accidentally swallowed one while scarfing down "pies and pasties" in the back yard of her owner, a rugby league player named Jackson Crews, Crews immediately called an animal hospital, The Baltimore Sun reports.
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Koreans Keen to Export National Dog: The Jindo
South Korea's Jindo dog has stood tall against tigers, guarded the heavily armed border with the North and marched in the Olympics. Yet the Jindo is having a tough time battling poodles for trophies at dog shows abroad. South Korea wants to make the Jindo an international breed but the country has been largely ineffective in exporting its native dog, Reuters reports.
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