Judge Reduces Millionaire Dog’s Inheritance

The late Leona Helmsley’s dog Trouble will receive $2 million under new deal.

Posted: June 18, 2008, 5 a.m. EDT

A New York judge has reduced the $12 million inheritance that the late Leona Helmsley’s Maltese Trouble was set to receive.

In papers unsealed this week, Manhattan Surrogate Court Judge Renee Roth gave $10 million of Trouble’s largess to Helmsley’s multibillion-dollar charity, leaving the 9-year-old dog $2 million.

“Two million dollars ... would be enough money to pay for Trouble’s maintenance and welfare at the highest standards of care for more than 10 years, which is more that twice her reasonably anticipated life expectancy,” said Trouble’s caretaker Carl Lekic, the general manager of the Helmsley Sandcastle Hotel, in an affidavit.

Lekic, who took over Trouble’s care when Helmsley’s brother and grandson refused to take in the dog after Helmsley’s August death, says Trouble’s annual expenses total about $190,000, including Lekic’s $60,000 guardian fee, $100,000 for security, $8,000 for grooming, $3,000 for miscellaneous expenses, $1,200 for food, and from $2,500 to $18,000 for medical care.

The deal, which legal analysts called unusual, also gave $6 million in payments to Helmsley’s two disinherited grandchildren, who claimed Helmsley wasn’t mentally competent when she signed the will.


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Tuna   Y, CA

6/18/2008 9:15:30 PM

This whole scenario is ridiculous! Good for the judge!

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Julie   Richmond, VA

6/18/2008 2:05:24 PM

2 million may be enough, but the court shouldn't be deciding what we do with our money. I want to decide what happens with my money, even after I am gone.

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bertha   SAN DIEGO, CA

6/18/2008 8:34:54 AM

i think that is why they r the judge couse they know what is best....

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Christy   Covina, CA

6/18/2008 7:33:04 AM

Who is the judge that he can change a will is someone has legally set it up?

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