Ohio Representatives Seek State Pit Bull Ban

Bill calls for pit bull-type dogs to be surrendered to dog wardens or seized.

Posted: June 14, 2008, 5 a.m. EDT

Citing a “pit bull issue” in Ohio, two state representatives forged a partnership to craft an approach that they said would put a stop to the vicious training of pit bulls.

State Rep. Tyrone Yates of Cincinnati introduced legislation to ban residents from keeping pit bull-type dogs. If enacted, House Bill 568 requires owners of these dogs to surrender the animals to dog wardens to be euthanized.

State Rep. Shawn Webster of Hanover, a practicing veterinarian, agreed to work with Yates after the introduction of HB 568. The bill states “no person may own, keep, or harbor a dog that belongs to a breed that is commonly known as a pit bull dog.” Owners would have 90 days after the bill goes into effect to surrender pit bulls to the dog warden of the county in which they reside.

If there is probable cause to believe a person owns or is harboring or keeping a pit bull, the bill would make it OK for an officer to obtain a search warrant and seize the dog, and then turn it over to the dog warden.

“I introduced legislation to ban pit bulls as a springboard for discussion on a vital public safety issue for Ohio,” Yates said in a statement. “Pit bulls raised in urban neighborhoods to be aggressive pose a threat to our children and our communities, and I am serious about stopping this dangerous practice.”

Thousands of people have added their signatures to an online petition to urge state lawmakers to block the bill, calling it unfair, breed-specific legislation. Opponents of the bill believe it will punish the responsible dog owners and drive the irresponsible ones further underground.

“I’m glad constituents have contacted me about their concerns as we engage in this important dialogue,” Yates said, “which will hopefully lead to comprehensive legislation protecting gentle family pets while putting a stop to the violent training of pit bulls.”

The House bill was assigned to the Ohio Government and Elections Committee for review. A hearing date has not been set.


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eileen   marion, OH

4/14/2011 9:09:40 PM

This is ridiculous. Any law that is breed or worse (type) specific is unfair. Each dog and his owner should be held accountable.Unfortunately often this means a dog will pay with his life for the owners offense but at least there was an actual act of aggression in these cases. These laws are like gun laws they only punish the law abiding person usually... I cant imaging someone telling me I would have to surrenf=der my beloved pet regarless of breed because of unfair laws... Punish the offender more severely to make a point not the loving dog owner.

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Isobella   Nashville, TN

10/6/2009 5:40:17 PM

This is ridiculous!!! Why don't we ban men while we're at it. After all, who starts the wars, does the most rapes, commits the most homicides, deals the most dope, is involved most often with terroristic plots, and is most often violent and abusive? It's the same thing. Forget all the men not involved and focus on the ones with a problem. Only it's never a dog's fault. There is always a human behind every incident concerning a dog. It is completely stupid to blame them and hurt them for what others caused!

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Jeremy   Galloway, OH

5/20/2009 5:59:42 AM

I don't really understand why people think they have a right to ban this beautiful and kind breed of canine. They are a powerful breed but they are also kind, loyal, and caring canines. The people that should be punished are not the responsible owners but the people that are a disgrace to mankind and decide to benefit on a animals demise. The people that support this bill are no better than the people that give the dog a bad name.

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mithum lall   cleveland, OH

5/18/2009 10:39:35 AM

how can they say animal crualty to anybody when they are killing innocent dogs.Its crazy that they kill all pit bulls thats like saing lets kill all white people that discrimination all dogs are vicious at times its just how they are raised and taken care of.i went to the kennel the ohter day and there were 2 beautiful pups i asked about only a few weeks old that were being put to sleep cause of the breed knon as (pit bull)

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