Comments on How Dog-Friendly Is Your Town?

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Melanie   Tupelo, MS

2/1/2009 4:49:41 PM

My town scores a 7! Not too bad... but I wish that their were more dog friendly places to go!

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Ashley   Carlile, OH

1/28/2009 8:35:03 AM

scored 9 :)

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Addie   Burlington, KY

1/28/2009 8:22:45 AM

Kentucky is very friendly to dogs. We are even in a club for Bernese Mountain Dogs, since we have one. There are many activities and things going on during the year. Tons of people have dogs. You see them everywhere! ?

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Denise   NYC, NY

1/26/2009 10:57:29 AM

New York City is very dog friendly with many dog parks.

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Emma Nixie   beaufort, MO

1/25/2009 10:49:21 AM

my town scored 10 :)


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Austin   xxxxxxxx, IL

1/23/2009 8:53:20 PM

My town scored 2 :(

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Gi   McPherson, KS

1/21/2009 12:45:57 PM

We only have about 13,000 in our town and have quite a lot of dogs. They place poo bags all around the parks but there is no public "off-leash" dog park. We still scored a 6.

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bernadine   tehachapi, CA

1/20/2009 5:58:09 PM

I think this is an intresting article. Our small town is working on more dog events.

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Alli   Ridgecrest, CA

1/20/2009 5:38:03 PM

My town got a 5! :^(

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Kristen   Unknown, AA

1/18/2009 12:10:28 PM

My town got a 6...that's not good. The city was considering a dog park, but the petition that was going around didn't get enough signatures! :( But I do see a lot of dogs around here! We need a dog park in this city that has 118,746 people!!


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emily   vandalia, OH

1/17/2009 3:57:17 PM

my town got 11 !

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Vicky   Sioux Falls, SD

1/17/2009 9:00:51 AM

Sioux Falls, SD is a 8 we need more dog related activities. We have only two dog parks.

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kristen   salisbury, NC

1/16/2009 5:46:22 PM

my town is the best place for dogs

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Alex   84128, UT

1/16/2009 3:15:28 PM

how do u answer the questions

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Hannah   london, ON

1/14/2009 2:43:16 PM

i think our town only got 3 points

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kristen   crestview, FL

1/11/2009 8:55:16 AM

two points...:(

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Brandy   Dallas, TX

1/11/2009 7:58:57 AM

Dallas gets 11 points and is VERY dog friendly!!

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Victoria   Baton Rouge, LA

1/8/2009 5:08:39 PM

My Hometown gets 8 points

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Haleigh   Oregon City, OR

1/7/2009 7:51:39 PM

my town is not very friendly i have about 5 points

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Amanda   Jamestown/Xenia, OH

1/6/2009 3:21:48 PM

Jamestown/Xeina really stink for dogs we have 2 vets, 1 dog park, and alot of people don't like dogs:(

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