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Dog Food Recalls

Stay up to date on the latest news on dog food recalls and dog product recalls.

Whenever there is a pet food recall, it’s easy to panic. What if my dog’s food is on that list? What if he gets sick? Staying informed and knowing what to do if your dog's food is recalled could save your dog's life. While there is no way to prevent your dog's food from being recalled, it’s important to act quickly if your dog’s food is recalled, or you suspect it should be.

Learn what to do when your dog's food has been recalled and prevent dog food contamination in your own home. Get the breaking news when a dog food recall is announced.  


Dog Food Recall Preparedness Plan
While many people associate bacteria such as Salmonella with uncooked or wet foods, owners should use the same caution handling dog food as they would with any chicken or meats. Learn how to handle dog food properly and find out what to do if your dog food is recalled or you think it should be.  Read More>>

Dog Food Recall Checklist
Do you know what to do if your dog's food is recalled? The most important thing you can do is have a plan. Continuing to feed your dog the food or waiting to take action because you are unsure of what to do, could cost your pet his life.Follow these steps to help protect your dog. Read more>>

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Recall Alert: Kong Aussie Sticks Recalled for Possible Mold
Rawhide stick quietly recalled due to potential mold.
Pedigree Recalls 22 Bags of Dog Food
Mars Petcare US has announced a small voluntary recall of 22 bags of of Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food.
Hill’s Recalls 62 Bags of Small & Toy Breed Dog Food
Several dozen bags of Science Diet Adult Small & Toy Breed dry dog food distributed through a handful of veterinary clinics and pet stores have been recalled because of potential salmonella contamination.
Nestlé Purina Makes Settlement Offer for Dogs Affected by Jerky Treats
A proposed $6.5 million settlement awaits approval for dog owners who claim their dogs were sickened or killed by Waggin’ Train and Canyon Creek Ranch treats.
Lamb Crunchys Dog Treats Recalled
Los Angeles treat manufacturer Pet Center Inc. has voluntarily recalled a limited number of 3-ounce bags of Lamb Crunchys because of potential salmonella contamination.


PetSmart Joins Petco in Eliminating Chinese Pet Treats
Chinese-made dog and cat treats are on the way out of two of the nation’s largest sellers of pet supplies by March 2015.
Petco Removing All Dog and Cat Treats Made in China From Store Shelves
Petco will stop selling Chinese-made dog and cat treats by year’s end in reaction to an ongoing investigation of pet illnesses possibly linked to tainted jerky.
Illness and Deaths Related to Jerky Treats Continue to Baffle FDA
In a mystery that has spanned 7 years the FDA is still unable to determine what is causing illness in dogs and now people, who have eaten pet jerky products.
Dog Food Recall: Bravo Raw Food for Dogs and Cats
Bravo announces a voluntary product recall after Listeria bacteria was discovered in one sample.
Dog Food Recall
Pro-Pet LLC is voluntarily recalling a limited amount of Hubbard Life and QC Plus dog food and Hubbard Life and Joy Combo cat food because of possible salmonella contamination.


Dog Treats Recalled Due to Salmonella Threat
A small Georgia treat maker has recalled two lots of Bailey’s Choice chicken jerky treats that tested positive for salmonella.
FDA No Closer to Solving Dog Jerky Treat Mystery
The FDA attributes a decline in jerky treat-related illness in dogs to a decrease in jerky treat availability after product recalls.
Limited Recall of Purina One Dog Food Under Way
Salmonella found in one bag of Purina One White Meat Chicken & Whole Barley Recipe adult dry dog food.
Eukanuba, Iams Dry Foods Recalled
Selected lots of Eukanuba and Iams dry dog food and Iams dry cat food are being voluntarily recalled because of potential salmonella
Natura Further Expands Dog Food Recall
Innova, California Natural, EVO, Healthwise, Mother Nature and Karma brands are affected.
Natura Expands Dog Food Recall
California Natural, Evo, Innova, HealthWise and Karma brands are flagged for potential salmonella contamination.
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