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Gina   Pflugerville/Austin, TX

1/18/2007 9:58:51 AM

I enjoy articles about all dog breeds. I have a maltese/schitzu mix puppy (3/4 maltese, 1/4 schitzu). Her name is Bella Babydoll. Her grandfather was full maltese. I can't decide if she looks more maltese or schitzu...she is not all white. She is basically a light blonde color on her back, ears, above eyes, and tail, but white on her snout,whiskers, forehead and all of her chest. she has blonde eyelashes. Her legs are blonde with white tips at her toes. When I say blonde, I don't mean like sunny blonde. More of a pale tawny blonde. She's beautiful. She seems to have the same maltese like face and snout...isn't this about the same for regular shitzu? Basically, maltese and shitzu pretty much look about the same to me, except full maltese is white...and I wrong? Are their temperaments about the same? She seems to be doing pretty good with paper training, but has had some mistakes...but she is only a puppy who also is teething and loves to chew and play "bite" when we play with her. Will she stop wanting to bite when she grows out of puppydom? Thanks. Bella's mommy.

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Sharon   Brewerton, NY

12/17/2006 6:18:45 PM

I have a Havones pup. Born August 7, 06. He is the most adorable dog I have seen. Read about his breed, and he is perfect for us. QUESTION??I really have no clue what I am doing wrong with getting Max housebroken. We have tried everything. Any suggestions.

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