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anonymous   atlanta, GA

1/3/2008 12:13:06 PM

this is a great place to learn if you want to take the time and effort to build and train a group of dogs to compete in flyball

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Nicky   sacramento, CA

7/15/2007 7:03:38 PM

my dog george is obsessed with the tennis ball and we set up a flyball team but we cant find any compatitions neer us! it is a great game for smart dogs!

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mathais   buffalo, NY

6/10/2007 8:42:52 AM

sounds cool

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Nancy   Somerville, NJ

5/31/2007 7:11:59 PM

We LOVE's where dogs get to be dogs and owners love to see their dogs having fun

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Dawn Roth   Cedar rapids, IA

5/23/2007 9:49:00 AM

you need to get more updated information about flyball. go to the NAFA website for new jump hights and other training suggestions


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