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elizabeth   columbus, GA

8/12/2009 8:50:50 AM

my husband has a Boston and he is a tounge with legs! he loves meeting new people, never stops giving kisses and has tons of energy.

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Barb   toledo, OH

6/20/2009 5:06:25 PM

Boston Terries are the best dogs
I have two older bostons and one puppy--they are all adorable--my house is Boston Heaven :)

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Kathy   Jonesborough, TN

6/18/2009 2:27:37 PM

This is the BEST description of a BT that I've ever read! I have a beautiful little girl 9 months old but she was driving us crazy - until we read that all her behavior is NORMAL (aggressive chewer, insistance on interaction, stubbornness). Now we can handle everything with a calmer attitude. Thanks a bunch

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Sophia   Heltonville, IN

6/8/2009 11:15:51 AM

I love my Boston Terrier "BB." There will never be another pet like her. They are such loveable characters! As a matter of fact, she's telling me now that I'm spending entirely too much time on my computer. It must be time for a walk!

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Erin   Billings, MO

4/19/2009 6:41:41 PM

i love Bostons they ROCK


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Ardyth   West Olive, MI

3/23/2009 3:10:31 PM

Katie, Dog Fancy's May 2009 calendar girl is a boston terrier and she and her Mom think the article is excelent.

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courtney   findlay, OH

1/5/2009 1:00:34 PM

I was first itroduced to a boston the day i came home from the hospital after i got my tonsells out. I had begged for a dog for 7 years and all i wanted was a lab. I didnt even touch that little wrinkled energy ball for 4 days. and then my horse died of old age and i was devastated. I felt that i was in a bad deal: a dead beloved friend and a hyperactive puppy. Buy then i was sitting on the floor crying while my parents talked to the vet. My head in my lap weeping, i diddnt see the "hyperactive devil" sneek up on me. Then just as i thought he was going to start chewing on my shirt sleeve, he crawled(with much effort) on my lap and just layed there perfectly still. I fell in love. End of story. i was amazed that this little guy could be so caring for someone that didnt even blink when he ran head first into the wall trying to catch a laser light. That was 15 years ago and now as i type, my little hyperactive pup is all grown up and still sitting in my lap. He was there to dry my tears when my horse died, when my prom date decided he would rather not go, when my first baby had to go to school, when my mother had to have sergery. I know his days are numbered here with me now and that he wont be here to comfort me much longer, but i know his little hyperactive sister(who just tore through the hallway with my sons underwear) will be. and hopefully i will always have a boston becide me. Because behind every strong person, is the dog that helps them up when they


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Carolyn   Humble, TX

12/8/2008 5:22:52 PM

I was reading that the Boston will chew things and I thought that we were way past that. Our Boston is nine years old. We can leave him out all day to go to work but, if we come home and then go out again, to dinner or wherever, he is mad! He chews things up in the house. Today is was the Christmas presents under the tree. He ruined a $100 gift. It might be the bag that is sitting on the floor with things in it,or the decorator pillow on my bed.

I love him but am very frustrated with him right now. I'd like to think that he has earned the right to not be in a crate but, I feel like I can't trust him in the house anymore.

Has anyone had this problem? What to do????

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sharon gerber   cushubg, OK

10/21/2008 8:38:31 AM

I own a larger Boston bulldog terrier She 5 years old I only had a year. She was given to me.Because death of former master. She all white face and has th como. of black and brindle color. I was wanted to know if white face Boston bulldog is commen among them or does it happen not very often. email

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Hollie   Wesley Chapel, FL

10/7/2008 9:16:31 PM

I have had 2 Bostons over the ears and right now i have one and his name is Ranger and he just became a Certified Service Dog, he is extremely smart and loving. He is great with our son and other dogs everyone in our neighborhood wants him for their own. Bostons are such good listeners all they want to do is please their owner and they do that very well. I will always own a Boston Terrier.


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Madeline   Cypress, TX

7/28/2007 6:26:01 AM

I think this was very helpful. The only promblem my boston has is that it jumps to high, It pulls the rollers out of my grandma's hair!

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Jess   Seymour, WI

3/1/2007 9:18:59 AM

Boston Terriers are great dogs. They love childern, and even other animals. There silly at times, they will always make you smile. I foyu would like more Info on Bostons go to this website,

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