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Joe   Phoenix, AZ

1/2/2009 4:47:18 PM

I too was nearly scammed by Jan Stringer West Phd and the National Business Research Institute. She emailed me with regard to purchasing an item I had advertised on the internet and when I would not give her my personal information so she could FedEx the cashiers check to me, I told her the item was sold to get her off my back. She filed complaints with the BBB and several other agencies, just because I didn't want to sell to her. She then sends me an email from her "virtual business" with all of her so called credentials. If she is even remotely for real it sounds like Jan Stringer West and her husband Ken West are NUTS. Beware of Jan stringer West PhD. I too checked out her "vitual executive suite" and laughed out loud when they explained how it worked. She really is running a fake operation out there in Texax, She has a website with all these big time clients but her IP address shows she is from Nigeria. No wonder she won't use the Post Office.

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Michael   Gainesville, MO

12/29/2008 3:39:18 PM

My name is Michael VanderWall and I own River Valley Kennel and the website This posting is by Jan Stringer West PhD., who was NOT scammed but was rejected for ownership of one of our German Shorthaired Pointers. She originally sent emails that resembled those of the Nigerian Scammers. Full of spelling errors and terrible grammar. Very typical of the scammer emails we receive 5 or 6 times every day. Generally, we blow them off but to her I sent her the payment information, which for security purposes is sent to a PO Box. We insist on US Postal Money Orders sent through the US mail as a regular course of business. Of course the scammers use Fedex as they cannot send it through the mail from Nigeria. Jan Stringer West, PhD., insisted that she send a cashier's check via Fed Ex and would not waiver. She was deemed to be a scammer and we refused further contact. She then sent her full information as listed Jan Stringer West, Ph.D. . President and Chief Executive Officer. Direct: 972.612.1120 National Business Research Institute, Inc. ("NBRI") 15305 Dallas Parkway; 3rd Floor , Addison, TX 75001. Upon further investigation of this individual, we found that her "Dallas Office" is a "virtual executive suite" which is a fancy way of saying she has Mail Drop with an answering service who have NEVER seen her. Once she was deemed to be a scammer, she was reported to the advertising venue she contacted us from and she was banned. Feel free to look at our website and call me or email me at and I will be happy to fill you in on this warped individual's actions. By the way, we have contacted Federal Authorities regarding her illegal harassment but that's info for another topic.

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Ken   Plano, TX

12/16/2008 8:26:33 PM

This information saved me $700! Beware of River Valley Puppies. Their website is They only communicate by email, will send no documentation on the puppies, and want you to send money to a P.O. Box. They are a total scam and took a friend of mine for over $1,000.

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Kimmylou   Stockton, CA

11/24/2008 6:45:09 AM

This website saved me $300 and I'm thankful for those who took time to comment and I'm sorry for those who got taken advantage of. Here is the info of the scammer:

Here is the information where payment will be confirm by western union

Receivers name :Segun

Address :10 Creek Road ,
Lagos , Nigeria .

Text Question : The Lord Is
Answer :All The

Get back to us with the western union money transfer details for confirmation immediately you have the money sent ..Details like

1 . Sender's Name and Address Use In Sending The Money

2 . Receiver's Name ...........(Segun
3 . MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number ) 10
4 . Test Question And Answer ( Question :The Lord
Good / Answer:All The Time

5 . Total Amount Sent ..............Should be

Once you get back to me with all this information the puppy will be shipped to you immediately and i will forward to you the tracking number and some other
God bless you and I will always remeber you in my daily prayer.

Thank you very much and God bless you and your family too.

God Bless

If you think its too good to be true don't be fooled it probably is. Buying a dog takes time do your research.

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Tina   Addison, NY

11/23/2008 6:08:32 AM

Great article but it needs to state a place or page to check scammers or to report scammers. For instance I came across this one:, Free
What a hoot and too bad people get caught up in this.


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Roy   Phx, AZ

11/17/2008 5:08:31 PM

This is an email I got from the same phone number to send money to the same guy.

Thanks for you
I told you she will be coming to you with all her paper work up to date,she has been well vaccinated,regarding the flight she will be coming with,we will let you know about that tomorrow morning and as soon as we make all arrangements in the morning all informations will be sent to you. I will want you to know that The good God we serve will protect us from coming across scam,I'm am a very good christain and with hope that you are one too,i have put all my trust in you because you have promised to take good care of my

NB:There should be noting to worry about my shipping agent is a professional he knows how to handle all this,he has promised


Remain in The Lord.

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Amy   Salem, IL

11/16/2008 6:35:13 AM

I wish I would have taken the time and did the research on the name Segun Akinfolarin. I wanted a St. Bernard for the longest time and found one on there for $300 for shipping and all on I responded to lady named Judith Carol Day and got the same response that its a Reverand relocated in Africa. To make it a short story I sent I lost $800 to this guy. I sent the money to Segun Akinfolarin 10 creek rd, apapa lagos nigeria 23401 and the phone number was +2348056371300.

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brenda   dayton, OH

10/27/2008 7:56:47 PM

I almost got taken in by a jennifer welch; saying she was a retired misionary from africa; showed me a photo of a cute pug puppy; i so wanted it. she wanted me to send 150$ to a reciever by western union. then I could pick up the dog at the airport. Western union told me it was a scam; Then i asked for another photo of the dog and it was a different color. i called her on it and said no dog for me. people need to know there are real winners out there who will take you. especially if you are grieving over the loss of a dog and want another one.

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Tammy   Philadelphia, PA

10/17/2008 11:09:57 AM

I thank the person who published this. I too was being scammed. It sounded fishy to me so I plugged the so called reverend's name in.

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Diane   Kilmarnock, VA

9/30/2008 8:05:46 AM

I was caught up in this exact scam. I found a puppy on the web and contacted the person who placed the ad. "All the owner" wanted was a good Christain home and the cost of shipping $ 300.The person that placed the ad said to contact the owner, a Missionary who had been transfered to West Africa. I did so via e-mail. I was then instructed to send the money to SEGUN AKINFOLARIN in Nigeria, and I would receive the puppy the next day. I of course did not. Buyer beware of puppies on petfinder. LESSON LEARNED


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Jackie   Houston, TX

6/4/2007 4:46:38 AM

I am so glad you published
I have had 2 people contact me about my
both offered to send me a cashiers check with a friend. I smelled a problem when they said they were in England and another Was from another country. I found out later it was a
There is a lady in NY selling show quality
under DeRo Toy Poodles. her dog are to big to be toys,I had to send one back that was 11 inches at 4 months and lost $2000.00. She refused to send
money back. So buyer be ware of eho you are buying from.

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