Comments on Compulsive Behavior in Dogs

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Joyce Burdette   St. Albans, WV

7/22/2008 4:01:40 PM

We bought a Fox Terrier/Jack Russell mix pup. We discovered that he is eating his droppings. Is this a vitamin deficency, nervous habit or what? I would really like to keep Bailey, but I don't know if I can endure such a disgusting habit. We need help. Thanks

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Ann   Hartford, CT

7/14/2008 7:52:15 PM

ATTENTION SEEKING ?!?!?! What a way to cause the uneducated dog owner to poo-poo their dog's problem! What are you, nuts? This 'article' is a great example of "Too Little Information can be Very Dangerous". If you are going to bring up these problems at all, you need to address them properly.

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