Comments on Dog’s Lameness or Holding Leg Up

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Stephanie   North Canton, OH

11/27/2009 8:33:36 AM

Thanks for the info!

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sk   nh, CT

11/21/2009 8:27:35 PM


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Kapage   Richland, IN

10/20/2009 10:48:56 PM

my boxer pup is about 15 wks old now and last wkend she had a fever of 106 and was unable to stand up. I took her to the vet and they xrayed her legs and are thinking she has hypertrophic osteodystrophy. My question - is this something that can be treated or will it get progressively worse? The vet gave her ampicllian and rimadyl for 10 days but what can I do to keep this fever and lameness from returning?

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spazdog   Reno, NV

9/18/2009 8:31:16 AM

Very informative on causes.

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9/9/2009 6:50:46 PM

good article


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Stephanie   North Canton, OH

9/3/2009 5:37:47 PM


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Gene   Raeford, NC

8/8/2009 9:41:47 AM

Thanks for the information. Now how about how to treat the problems. A human can get information from WebMD, why can't we get information for canines?

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Carrie   Kenosha, WI

7/29/2009 11:36:17 PM

know the problem, needed answers to that problem.

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janet   bethlehem, PA

5/23/2009 7:57:32 AM

good article thanks

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Sarah   Darwin Australia, NT

4/3/2009 3:31:59 AM

We have had a diagnosis of potential LCP disease. Our puppy is 6 mths old, shes bull arab x wolf hound and its bilateral. How do we cope with not takeing her for walks... shes really bored in the garden. Any advise for makeship puppy assault course which doesnt involve her back legs???! Really would appreciate this advise as we love her so, and we dont want to put her down.


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Gary   sedalia, MO

2/23/2009 9:21:44 AM

Did Not Help, I new what was wrong. I needed a Fix

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Angel   oxnard, CA

1/21/2009 9:21:17 AM

well, my dog was just limping while on a walk. although, she wanted to sit and rest every few minutes as opposed to normally walking for about an hour w/out needing to rest. she was fine yesterday... any advise?

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Dee   Palmdale, CA

11/2/2008 9:01:12 PM

Thanks for this!

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Myrna   El Monte, CA

10/14/2008 7:09:11 PM

Too short.

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Pat   St Louis, MO

9/30/2008 1:43:01 PM

I don't see any reference to osteoarthritis...symptoms being intermittant lameness, most often after resting, improving as the day goes on. Of course, I'm not denying that you should get a vet's opinion so you know it's a comfort issue rather than a lifethreatening condition.

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Minnie   Johannesburg, GA

7/8/2008 11:05:18 PM

Holding up
It's nice to know what could be the cause. But what about treatment except surgery.

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Joanne   Rochester, NY

6/18/2008 9:41:51 AM

I have looked through this medical area, of your website. I found it to be very, very non-specific. You need to add more medical treatments etc.

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