Comments on Distended Abdomen in Dogs

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Judy   Boncarbo, CO

2/21/2009 11:15:52 AM

It would be informative to know possible treatment for the various conditions. Treatment might vary depending on the age of the dog. Some vets might do a complete work up, some might find a more basic approach just as effective.

This article is a good start and helped me with my current dog issues.

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dawn   las vegas, NV

2/14/2009 8:42:37 PM

very informative information

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Marilyn   Brooklyn Center, MN

10/11/2008 2:34:54 PM

You should list emergencies first, such as gastric dilatation-volvulus and use a common name that laymen might recognize (bloat). And make it clear that it is an emergency and can not be treated at

Your disclaimer should be at the top of the page in big letters, not fine print.

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Tinny   San dimas, CA

10/3/2008 1:38:05 PM


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Hanna   Palmdale, CA

9/5/2008 9:07:34 PM

Thanks for this article!


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Ginny   Cogan Station, PA

8/11/2008 2:26:44 PM

I would like to know if a dog suffers if he has a distended stomach and this article does not specify if the dog does or not.

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