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Megan   Mission Viejo, CA

5/19/2010 2:49:28 PM

My yellow lab also suffered from terrible scratching and itching. After much research we tried a pet skin package from Ask Ariel- it really helped reduce the redness, itching, and hair
Here is the link- I hope this
helps!! asp?ItemID=pet-skin-care-product-package

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Sandi   Schenectady, NY

4/12/2010 7:39:27 AM

Is there anyone who knows about brewers yeast? I have read good things about the vitamin. However, it calls for 1 tablet for every 10 pounds, I have a 97 pound Newfoundland, that's a lot of tablets in one day - any suggestions. Desperate in New York.

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Grace   Tampa, FL

3/31/2010 2:49:30 PM

try Nu Stock..ask for it at an animal feed and supply store. It is for manges, dandruffs, mites, itching, wounds, is sulphur base, I am so happy for Rosco, he has stopped itching and is doing a lot lot better. I had tried numorous things, before I found this. The vet said keep doing what I'm doing, it was less then $20.00.

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carla   clinton, NC

3/30/2010 5:49:22 AM

Don't I need Omega 3-fatty oil 1/4 tea for 6-pd. dog????

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Theresa   Champlain, NY

3/16/2010 9:00:48 AM

My cocker spanial/terrier mix has horrible itching and scratching...he has thick sticky scaling in several areas of his is like a scab but when you scratch it it looks like dirt and yet feels a little sticky? Any ideas?


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Sidney   Eagan, MN

2/15/2010 9:17:57 PM

My Schnauzer, Skylar, has allergies which causes her to scratch a lot. My vet has but her on Temaril-P which has been the wonder drug for us. Defintiely got to your Vet. They can work wonders!!!

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Leilani   Kamuela, Hi, HI

11/29/2009 4:38:46 PM

My cuddles is my best friend and companion but he has had health issues for the last 4yrs. Serious reoccuring skin problems that I have been treating with Ketaconizone, Predisone, Relief Shampoo, Advantex flea treatment, Hills perscription diet Salmon and potatoe dogfood, (allergy free, ultra sensitive). And my cuddles who has only seen relief in his 4 yrs. maybe twice weighs so heavy upon my heart, many have told me to put him down that it is inhumane to make him suffer. So I have turn to a divine source of healing and have changed the whole approach to his recovery. Prayer and believing that God the greatest Vet. and His appraoch has lead me to stop all drugs,and shampoo's and dog foods. For my cuddles will be a testimony how much God does love animals

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Joyce Ann   Wellsboro, PA

11/23/2009 12:26:37 PM

The page was great, but I have been to my vets. He took a scraping and it came back sporidesmiella suiformis. No one seems to know what it is or how to treat it. My dog's skin is just torn apart, and he is suffering terribly. Can you please help me?

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Burke   Edmonton, AB

10/25/2009 8:10:34 PM

Jack my wingman,is a minpin.Last 7 days noticed he has been licking his front paws as well as his front legs allso scratching his chest.Tried Homeopathic formula for 5 days no improvment. Washed his bedding and put on a humidifer where he sleeps.Any ideas?

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teresa   Front Royal, VA

10/2/2009 7:35:30 AM

I wish I had seen this on this web site before I spent 269.00 to have the vet tell me the same thing and prescribe antibiotics and the ketoconzole and shampoo! Oh well. My dog has this reaccurring several times a year.


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Heidi   West Linn, OR

9/25/2009 8:19:46 PM

All I know is that I feel like a terrible pet owner. I love my dog so much, but have a major discipline problem. I let him eat what ever I am, and I think that might be the cause of his CONSTANT itching and scratching. All I ever say to him is "Bob, No licky paws, Bob, No Buddy munch! He seems obsessed with it at times. I have given him the monthly advantage thing and got him a flea color (he doesn't wear it any more because I thought it was too strong.) Please Help!!??

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chris   Tulsa, OK

9/24/2009 1:18:18 PM

Have found that OTC flea/tick shampoo will dry out the skin if used more than once a month. Use of conditioning shampoos in between helps a lot in relieving the itchyies. Allergies cause enough ithcyies w/o making this worse. Experience.

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Leah   New Albany, IN

9/19/2009 9:33:32 AM

She has been on the licorice root tablets for 3 days and is doing great!! We could tell a difference after the first pill.

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Leah   New Albany, IN

9/17/2009 11:15:16 AM

my dog(choc lab) is scratching and biting, she has red patches and is losing hair in those spots.I heard that licorice root is an alternative to the steroids that she has taken and only help while she is on them, plus they are not good for them to be on longterm. I bought some today. I will post results in a couple days.

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Laura   South San Francisco, CA

8/9/2009 4:16:16 PM

My dog Sandy, a girl and 6 years old. She is mix chinchacha/jack terrrier. She gets stress out when I go on vacation for one week and come back with many hole area where she scratching, licking, and biting. I have good cream and I put on 3 times a day but sometime I forget. It seem getting worse and inside thighs, behind legs, underarms what look like black peppers (it is not flea, I checked) andI gave her bath plus a good Advantage flea products but still and she won't stop it! I took her to dog parks and people told me that it is good for her to be outdoor where warm and sunny (good for her skins), it is true?

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Salli   North Hornell, NY

7/17/2009 3:30:13 PM

I have a boxer/pitbull mix puppy who will be a year old this month (july 26)..He constantly scratches and there are no fleas visiable..I have his mother and an older dog and they do not have this problem..what could the cause be? I have treated him for fleas along with the other two dogs to be on the safe side..

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marilyn partloe   columbus ohio, OH

7/14/2009 12:20:07 PM

my dog has a very bad skin condition that is making her lose her hair, I have had to cut the hair from her, it gets really scaley and
I feel something like sand or something grity on the spots. please can you help me to help her, I have her son also and he is having the same problem. He is 6 years old and she is 10 years old.

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manny   la puente, CA

7/6/2009 9:16:22 AM

HEY i am a little worried about my dog he is 3 years old with thick short black hair and has little red dots on his entire body an is also throwing up, this has been going on for 2 days. i am taking him to the vet in but is their any thing i should know

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garland   McCrory, AR

6/25/2009 12:16:47 PM

My dog is two years old, weighs about 55 lbs short blond hair. In the summer her skin turn black and she scratches all the time. Little spots become hairless and the hair will not come back. The Vet said she had some kind of fungus. I have used several shampoos and other medication recommended by the Vet without success. Her skin problem goes away during the winter months. Can you help me out?

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Rosemarie   Mesa, AZ

5/13/2009 8:06:29 AM

My Dog is 10 years old...He has some allergies but only to show runny nose, red eyes..I gave him an allergy pill 24 mg. BUT in the past week he has been scratching, ears are red...driving me crazy...I know he is not getting much sleep..Looks at me like (Help) I plan to try this shampoo and oatmeal soak...His breed is Loso and will not let me get near him with a pill, or anything. Not sure how I am going to pull this off. But I need to help him, he is changing into a dog I am not used to..because of this scratching...

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