Comments on Michael Vick Signs With Eagles

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Emily   Brooklyn, NY

8/15/2009 8:47:21 PM

I hate this man. I feel that by him being hired by a professional football team is sending a message that is okay to do whatever you want to an animal. How dare he be given a second chance. This is an outrage. He doesn't deserve to live. He should die along with the other animals he killed. How can he start over while the dogs he killed lie in a cold grave. I am very sure those animals rather be alive than dead. Michael Vick does not be allowed to play any kind of professional sports. He should have been put to DEATH. May God forgive him because I can't.

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Judy   Oak Lawn, IL

8/15/2009 6:16:15 PM

I hope in fact he has changed. But, I think he should donate his earnings to help the homeless & abused animals and also donate his free to time to work in shelters

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S   3 Oaks, MI

8/15/2009 2:45:54 PM

First of all, I can't believe ANYONE hired him. What he did was HORRIFIC, & I think he should have been banned from professional sports forever. Wasn't Pete Rose banned from baseball for illegal gambling? Isn't maiming/killing dogs way worse than that??????

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gogo   watevs, MS

8/15/2009 1:31:20 PM

i hate vick.

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nicky   southwick, ME

8/15/2009 1:25:42 PM



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Jenn   Wheaton, IL

8/15/2009 10:21:26 AM

I agree w/JamieLyn. Sickening.

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JamieLyn   Howell, NJ

8/15/2009 9:18:14 AM

This is sickening!! The Eagles didn't need Vick

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Joe   Badlands, MH

8/15/2009 8:30:58 AM


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Michelle   Rockford, IL

8/15/2009 7:24:00 AM

This man deserves no second chance. What he did was sick, and he knew it was wrong. He would probaly still be doing it if he werent caught. Im glad he lost everything..Of course his loss is minimal considering he just got signed to a football team. Ridiculous!!

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Hi   Philadelphia, PA

8/15/2009 6:08:47 AM

who cares if you support the eagles or not.. if ur selling ur tickets then give them to mee..Michael Vick paid for what he had done..he is truely sorry for it. He is being paid almost nothing to play for us this year.. dont support our Eagels.. your obviously not a true fan..A true fan would know that Michael Vick could be the key to us winning a superbowl. Dante Stallworth of the Cleveland Brown killed a man this year while drunk driving and no one is going crazy over him. Ray Lewis also killed a man. They get suspended for a season. Vick kills a few dogs get sent to jail for 2 years, went backrupt, lost everything. Give the man a brake.


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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

8/14/2009 9:00:55 PM

Too bad.

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Jane   philadelphia, PA

8/14/2009 5:41:12 PM

I live in Philadelphia. My family are huge Eagle fans. I just cannot get over this...I refuse to support the

The man should not be allowed to play football at all.

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Debby   Baltimore, MD

8/14/2009 3:15:24 PM

Disgusting! I am very disappointed.

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