Comments on 10 Things That Will Poison Your Dog

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Melissa - 8916   Irvine, CA

6/5/2012 10:03:48 PM

Thanks for this very good informationQ

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Debbie   Haslett, MI

3/20/2012 11:54:02 AM

You forgot ONIONS!!!!!!! Very Toxic in seemly small amouts

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Ann Marie   madison, NJ

3/12/2012 7:56:57 AM

thanks for putting this information for all of the dog owners. I make alot of Irish Soda bread over the next week and I do not let my pup even in the kitchen and I tell everyone in my hourse if you drop a raisin on the floor please be sure to pick it up before Max gets it.

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Hillary   Parma Heights, OH

3/10/2012 4:15:32 AM

I give my clients in basic obedience class a handout list of these household items along with the plants in their yards that can poison their dog. People need to know this.

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Sharon   Decatur, IL

3/9/2012 12:00:46 PM

This is good to let pet owners know about! Some are new to owning a pet and are not aware of these poisons. Thank you for sharing.


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Jake   So. Lake Tahoe, CA

3/8/2012 7:58:09 PM

great but you forgot caffine

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kathy   rusellville, KY

3/8/2012 5:26:26 PM

Very. Good. Thank you.

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Aly   Hollister, CA

3/5/2012 7:02:29 PM

good 2 know

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Janet   rochester, MN

3/5/2012 12:57:15 PM

This article is a must read! My dog sophie ate a bag of Dark chocolate she found in my purse! I didn't do anything about it for a few hours until it registered in my head that I had read an article like this! I rushed her to the vet! She almost died! BUT THEY DID MANAGE TO SAVE HER!

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Alicia   Hollister, CA

3/4/2012 2:16:24 PM

Thanks 4 the info :)


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Bret   Leeds, UT

3/4/2012 1:39:07 PM

Very Good Information

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Kiley Rae   Omaha, NE

3/3/2012 6:49:35 AM

Good info in a succinct manner here! Anything in the nightshade family (which is A LOT of what hobby gardeners start out with - think about in good summers how many tomatoes your neighborhood tries to pawn off on ya) is generally poisonous to dogs. That includes the leaves and stems of tomato plants (but Ramses Osiris is a tomato eating monster who actually plucks them from plants and the vet said that's fine as long as he doesn't eat the rest of the plant). Just thought I'd throw that out there.

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Ellen   Madison, WI

3/3/2012 6:34:12 AM

Insecticides, cleaners, and fertilizers are ones people often forget. Thanks for pointing them out!

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Sandra and Jeff Bailey   New Westminster, BC

3/2/2012 12:03:53 PM

Love the article.

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momo   anaheim, CA

3/1/2012 11:21:04 PM

good article

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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

3/1/2012 11:10:33 PM

Good reminder.

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