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Shorty   Billings, MT

4/13/2008 6:51:26 PM

What a cute idea! My dogs always LOVE getting treats!!!

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Rachel   Plymouth/Salem, MI

4/10/2008 5:44:48 PM

I think they should have a national Pupsicle day where you make a bunch of pupsicles, then give them to shelter dogs! I think it's a great idea! There is also another way to make them with different ingredients! I mentioned them in a comment
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Rahcel   Plymouth/Salem, MI

4/10/2008 5:42:04 PM

Wow! What a yummy recipe (for the dogs)! I made these once for shelter dogs only using purina dog food, purina moist dog food, milkbones, and other treats and food! We stuffed all that stuff into a cardboard tube and then we froze them over night. We brought them to the dogs the next day! They loved
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Jenni   Raleigh, NC

3/27/2008 3:59:54 PM

Great job guys! I think it is so cool that there okay for your dog and also a great treat for you.

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Sara   Blue Springs, MO

3/17/2008 12:46:30 PM

i really liked this video!! this recipe will be perfect for this summer for when me and my dog get back from our walks!!


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elf   north pole, AK

3/5/2008 5:41:05 AM

you should make some more dog recipie videos it's a great idea!

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Christy   Midlothian, VA

2/8/2008 7:47:38 AM

Sounds Great!It sounds more like a people popsicle than a dog one though.I will deffinetly make this for my pooch!

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sarah!!!!!   stevensville!!!, MD

1/21/2008 10:28:05 AM


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amy   racine, WI

1/13/2008 2:43:54 PM

Funny cool

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Elizabeth   Pittsburgh, PA

11/6/2007 5:07:34 AM

That's really cool!


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Jennifer   Madras, OR

10/21/2007 9:49:26 AM

I have made these and they are great and my dogs love them!

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Brooke   somewhere, CO

10/12/2007 10:47:36 AM

Great! I should try it....

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