Comments on 10 Plants That Can Poison Pups

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Shirley   West Palm Beach, FL

5/25/2010 2:18:44 PM

Great article - needs to be more complete as there a many toxic plants!

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Bill   Collins, OH

1/26/2010 12:28:16 PM

I'm hoping that smelling any of these won't be the same as eating them... we have a dog who loves to stop and smell the flowers..

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spazdog   Reno, NV

9/15/2009 3:04:23 PM

Didn't know about Japanese Yew, thanks for the article!

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Stephanie   North Canton, OH

7/26/2009 2:51:11 PM

Very helpful-thanks!

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Rosemary   Boston, MA

11/2/2008 3:46:38 PM

If you live in a city, be ultra-diligent about the presence of "mouse-killers" or other pest control products. No matter what they call them, or how many shelves at Home Depot etc are stuffed with them, poisons are insidious/the WORST kind of deadly. I learned the hard way; don't allow where you live to put your precious pet through this. I still don't understand why proper postings don't accompany these ubiquitous products...believe me, it's a horrible death. No one involved - except, perhaps, the person who placed it (maybe years ago) - will ever forget the intensity & hopelessness of this suffering.


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nathan   somwherein, OH

8/10/2008 6:40:57 PM


John 3:16

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Sydney   cincinatti, OH

7/17/2008 1:31:29 PM

Wow we could use that for when we get a dog! P.s I LOVE DOGS!!!

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Patty   La Mirada, CA

6/7/2008 9:58:54 AM

Awesome info!I printed it out to save at home! My dog got sick after eating tulip bulbs once, so i'm always weary about what plants are around the house.

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Malena   Puebla, PE

4/17/2008 5:55:05 PM

In addition, you should make comment on the general fungus that might grow on rainy season inside the house yard. I've seen "DEath Angel" and "false dough" growing on my back yard. and there are a little brown ones that seem harmless that are terribly poisonous! they do not grow on every garden, but they do grow and can easily kill a Great DAne or a SAint Bernard!

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Stephanie   Westmont, IL

3/20/2008 6:37:12 PM

I'm gonna get a Shia Tzu so I read all your arcticles about dog friendly homes and yards.I just know that your sight makes life alot easier,especially when your very unexpierienced like me!


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jessica   San Jose, CA

1/12/2008 10:14:57 PM

i never knew this before now i know what to keep my dog away from.

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Katie   Suwanee, GA

11/20/2007 1:20:07 PM

Now I know why my granpa's dog died so young!

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kay   Nashville, TN

9/6/2007 8:07:19 PM

this comes at a perfect time. my brother has gotten two pups that have upset stomachs and are chewers. this will help us know what to move

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