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robert   woodhaven, NY

8/12/2011 9:17:12 PM

Dogs have been around for thousands and thousands of years eating Raw meat in the wild, as healthy as can be, "dry food" has only been around for 100 years, "dry food" is artificial food it is not natural it is man made and in my opinion has contributed to many dog diseases such periodontal disease and foul mouth AIDS. The people who tell you not to feed your dog RAW FOOD, are uneducated people by far, Raw food is a dogs natural diet and they thrive on that diet and have the best results, where as if you feed artificial food they just survive on that diet, and thats a sad way to live, a lot of owners think that 2 scoops of dry food and water and there done for the day!. Back in the day before dry food was invented and marketed to the common man, the only people who had dogs were the farmers and the hunters who feed a RAW based diet, It was only when the "dry food" came out that the common man was able to get "dog food" for the supermarket, these are the people who do not do there home work and think there experts on the dogs carnivorous
YOU DONT FEED A COW STEAK, So where are you feeding your dog

educate yourself before responding that feeding Raw meat is bad for dogs, when in fact it is there preferred food, and it is the dry food that brained washed the majority of householders and it is dry food that is unnatural and should not be feed your

Im a Raw feeder / supplier for all of queens new york anyone interested in the properly natural rearing your dog for best results message
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Geraldine   Kenmare, MA

7/12/2011 1:47:40 AM

The raw food diet has had amazing results for our dog who is diabetic. Her blood sugar count has gone from 29 to 5.5 in 4 weeks. She is like a different dog. Our homeopathic vet says he will get her to stabilize so that she will no longer need insulin.

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Tobias   Salisbury, GU

6/26/2011 6:12:18 AM


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Geraldine   Ireland, ID

6/22/2011 5:22:08 AM

I have just been to see an excellent homeopathic vet here. He recommends the raw food diet. He suggests 2% of the dog's weight, split into 30% chicken wings (glucosamine in the bone) 30% meat and the balance made up of meat and grated carrot. He also advises giving a raw egg daily and a good beef bone once or twice a week. We have just changed a diabetic dog onto it and she has reduced her blood sugar level 10 points in the first week. We had been feeding her one of the commercial diabetic foods. Since then, in one week, she has stopped constantly begging for food, reduced the amount of water she needed to drink and her coat and temperament are better.

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Nobuko   Tokyo, AL

6/10/2011 5:11:45 AM

I am a vet in
I have recommended to feed the raw meat for dogs and cats for more than
Recently 4 people died because they ate the contaminated raw meat with
So, many dogs and cats owners worry about
In my oponion, the dogs and cats have stronger gastric juice than human
Most of bacteria ,even enteropathogenic E.coli are killed in the stomach .

Am I right??


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Lise   Setauket, NY

6/1/2011 12:44:50 PM

We just lost our English Mastiff last year. BEAUTIFUL, GREAT dogs. She wouldn't eat raw. ;( We just adopted a 10-month old St. Bernard and I started her on raw chicken to see how she tolerates it. We buy it ground in 2 cup containers and I'm feeding 5 cups a day (broken into 3 meals), adding wings and/or neck bones to each meal. I'm supplementing with some barley grass, fish oil, flax seed oil, too. --- How much do you feed your Mastiff per day because I'm finding that our Saint always seems hungry. I increased her food to 6 cups and found it was too much -- she threw it up. Too rich. Any suggestions?

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Taryn   Moreno valley, CA

5/26/2011 8:41:44 PM

I have a 1 year old English Mastiff that I adopted, she had been on a raw food diet so, I decided to try it. I have to say I was kind of weirded out by the thought of feeding my dog whole chickens etc...but, after a lot of research, I found it to be very interesting and decided to stick with Raw feeding. She is a beautiful, healthy amazing dog. After researching different "commercial foods" I found that if you shop smart for meats, it actually costs less than the expensive " crap" dog foods out there. I also have a shitzu that has skin allergies, so after giving her commercial food the last 6 years, I decided to switch to raw feeding with her. Since then, her skin is much healthier and no allergies.

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Kara   Clinton, MO

4/18/2011 9:38:24 AM

There is an e-book that tells about this trainer/breeders experiences with raw diet, when to switch, and why to do it. We are still deciding - which was is best? We have a German Shepherd who will be ready to bring home in 3 weeks.

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mary   kenosha, WI

4/7/2011 12:54:46 PM

its vague. one place to find a bit of everything that is in the media. I need breeders, dye-hard dog people that have a long term experience and truth of what are the

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Antonia   san juan, PR

4/4/2011 5:03:57 PM

My Newfi is 11 month, how can I started a raw diet what can I do I tried but he does not eat it. Thanks Antonia


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Jimmy   Central, NJ

4/2/2011 5:39:03 PM

It is proven that most dogs do have allergies to dog food, wether it be something serious or less serious like dry skin or yeast infections in their ears. I have a few friends that have had their dogs on a raw diet. Seeing the amazing results they have had has inspired me to start my puppy on it. Not only do they all posses extremely clean teeth and beautifully shiny and thick coat, the one has even had a change in behavior(for the better). Im already seeing great result in mine as well.

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Carrie   Beckley, WV

3/22/2011 11:24:02 AM

Some people do not notice that the bones do help reduce the tartar build up. My Great Dane is 5years old. He is given pig ears and many types of bones and has NEVER needed his teeth cleaned. The Raw food diet is great! Owners just need to pay attention to their pet. Not all pets are alike nor require the same requirements! Just use your head..

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Jenny   QLD, Australia, AS

3/15/2011 4:45:22 PM

After researching the raw diet option, I made the switch 4 weeks ago from kibble to raw. I was sick of paying good money for kibble which contained corn, rice or wheat. If I wanted to feed by dogs corn I would have bought it cheaper
I switched over cold turkey and I have seen in one of my dogs a huge improvement in his skin condition. My older dog was on the fatter side and he appears to be shedding some un-wanted kilos, and my third dog now eats all his food and has finally started to gain a bit of
Best move I have made for my three boys.

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Fawn   Calgary, AB

3/14/2011 8:29:10 AM

Sorry Liz...dogs can have food allergies. For example, gluten, found in grains. In fact, 10% of allergies in animals are food related. Maybe you should do your research before insulting others.

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Liz   Waterbury, CT

3/9/2011 6:02:01 PM don't have a clue what you are talking about. Allergies are due to environmental..which has nothing to do with food. Or they become allergic to having multiple proteins in their diet which can be easily managed. And it doesn't matter what a dog eats..raw or other brand name dog foods...when it comes to teeth because the food sticks to and builds up tarter on their teeth either way. It is about brushing their teeth daily and keeping them clean.

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Renee   Portland, OR

3/7/2011 1:10:22 PM

Feeding raw is a lot less expensive than the massive vet bills for rotten teeth, allergies, skin conditions etc. Most dogs I know that eat raw, rarely if ever need vet care. And they end up with beautiful teeth - natures way!

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monty   philly, PA

2/24/2011 8:28:18 AM


my website is:

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monty   philly, PA

2/24/2011 8:27:08 AM

in the article, it states that someone feeding a raw meat/bone diet is not giving their dog an adequate level of calcium. use supplements!! your going to get a ton of vitamins and minerals from raw meat than what you would with kibble. chicken, pork, and beef are great for calcium. also, if vets and anti-raw people are against raw diets, theres always supplements and/or fruits & veggies you can add to the raw diet to makeup in other ways.

checkout my website:

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cathy   Lexington, NC

2/22/2011 1:35:54 PM

I have been feeding my 14yr old border collie raw for the past 10 years. She is doing beautifully and I truly believe it is what has gotten her through seizures(no longer has them) and cancer(18 months ago and doing great). I am a true believer and try and teach everyone who will listen to me about the benefits of doing so.

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Nick   Waterbury, CT

2/15/2011 7:25:44 AM

I feed my Pekingnese a raw food diet and he is doing excellent. I think you really need to research or have a knowledgable food provider. I use Thomaston Feed in Thomaston, Ct and the owner Mark is great!! Highly recommend them to anyone wanting to keep thier dog healthy.

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