Comments on Fun Backyard Games With Your Dog

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Dani   LA, CA

6/10/2008 8:05:40 AM

My dog really enjoys these tricks and fun backyard games!!!!

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Chelsea   Los Angles, CA

5/4/2008 3:23:17 PM

I have a Golden Retriever but he is really lazy.If I try these tricks on him maybe he will be more active and playful.

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4/21/2008 9:15:08 AM

Can't wait to see if "Simon Says" goes as planned!

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shianne   14216, NY

4/20/2008 5:37:00 AM

cool tips im going to try them

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madison   san diego, CA

3/29/2008 5:36:55 PM

that is amazing and i love all the games!Scotty says the same!


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brianna   cheboygan, MI

3/26/2008 1:56:08 PM

it looks really fun to play,thanks for the tip!!!!!

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Cindy   Gaithersburg, MD

3/7/2008 8:04:53 AM

Great ideas! I'll try all of them with Rocky. Besides, he loves to excersise!

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Tate   Cookeville, TN

3/6/2008 12:10:17 PM

Some great ideas!

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kass   penticton, BC

3/5/2008 8:42:50 PM

oh and one more thing, this sounds like a cool idea but could u explain it a bit more? Anyways.. Thanks for the ideas

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kass   Penticton, BC

3/5/2008 8:40:30 PM

wow. i havn't tryed it yet.. but it sounds like awsome ideas. My dog could use those skills


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rebecca   delray beach, FL

3/3/2008 5:15:14 PM

i though this was very helpful! i always love new ideas on things to do with your pet in your own home! thanks

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Ciera   anytown, VT

2/29/2008 8:54:18 AM

I like them all!

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Rachel   ydyduf, MI

2/24/2008 12:05:26 PM

those are some great ideas!

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sara   Little Rock, AK

2/8/2008 3:50:37 PM

this is very stupid

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Heather   Kent, OH

1/19/2008 2:51:01 PM

I like the hide and seek one because it just not teeching your dog to play hide and seek it is teeching them to track down what it is liking for

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SIERRA   El Dorado, KS

11/25/2007 11:10:42 AM


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Madison   Sterling Hights, MI

11/18/2007 3:24:49 PM

I love the artical it teaches my dog fun games.And he likes to play.

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Sarah   Suwanee, GA

11/17/2007 5:47:59 AM

These games sound cool but what is flyball?! I thin it would help to explaine what a flyball is and a flyball dog.

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Kayla   Deltona, FL

11/14/2007 9:16:03 PM

Veary good ideas, can't wait to ues them!

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Stephanie   Kirkville, NY

11/12/2007 12:58:30 PM

Most of these games I play with my dog. She, Annabelle, a Pit Bull, LOVES to play hid -and- seek. The best game of all is jumping to try to get a toy. So if you think your dog will not like these games, they will LOVE them!! ~Anna Banana's owner

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