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janet   montreal, QC

1/27/2011 12:54:24 PM

The article is helpful. I have stopped giving my three dogs raw burgers(commercially marketed) because the two older dogs developed severe health problems, while on this food (as a supplement). One developed a cancerous growth on the pad of her paw,plus a very stobborn infection that was resistant to most antibiotics, and the other one developed corneal ulcers. I am not completely certain that these health issues were caused by the raw food, but since having stopped adding this supplement to their staple diet, the problems have been resolved.

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Patrice   Wauconda, IL

1/10/2011 8:40:50 PM

I started feeding my yorkie raw one year ago because of calcium oxilate bladder stones. Now I have all my dogs on raw and canned and they are doing extremely well on it. Veterinarians DO NOT KNOW ABOUT NUTRITION for dogs. I do brush their teeth every other day and their breath is fresher also. They also get probiotics and alfalfa in their food.

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MIke   Harrisburg, PA, PA

1/8/2011 5:12:12 AM

I feed my Long Coat GSD a raw diet, and she loves it. We have her on heart worm prophylaxis to head off any problems, and four years going she's doing fine. One thing we hear is "how beautiful she looks", which I chalk up to the canned salmon we mix into her food! :-)

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Joan   Hernando, FL

1/4/2011 6:04:41 AM

I feed my long-haired mini.Dachshund a raw diet and she loves it. I tried lots of other dry foods all holistic and natural but she did not like it. Now she eats raw and takes an all in one vitamin,vit.A,E,cranberry pills and alfalfa pills and Omega 3,6,9 so I think she is covered. She is 4 years old and is very healthy and active. I would stick with the raw food no matter what. Just follow the directions for feeding and there shouldn't be any problems.

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Kay   Napa, CA

1/1/2011 11:33:14 AM

P.S. Poop is clean, firm, smells less, and turns to ash in a couple of days of dry weather. Fewer dog farts! That alone is worth it!


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Kay   Napa, CA

1/1/2011 11:30:03 AM

One of our dogs went to the vet for a leg injury. The vet kept going on about healthy she looks & what a great coat she has. We explained that she has been doing fantastic on her grain-free, raw diet; her permanent skin condition was greatly reduced. The vet started in on how raw food was bad. He didn't seem to see a contradiction in what he was saying. Vets get very poor animal nutritional information in school; most info provided by the makers of common dog brands with grains. There is little truly scientific data available (blind studies, tec.) We're sticking to grain-free.

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Sarah   Boca Raton, FL

12/31/2010 3:16:12 PM

I only feed my Biewer terrier raw food and raw bones. I feed him chicken, duck, turkey, rabbit and red beef. He is very healthy, never gets sick, has absolutely no allergy symptoms. The raw bones keep his teeth and gums clean and healthy. He has yet to require a "cleaning" at the vet. His coat is gorgeous. Well.. what else can I write? It works! I buy very large quantities of the above and freeze it immediately in freezer storage containers in 2 day portions. Every other day I take one out of the freezer and place in the refrigerator for defrosting. He's never had diarrhea or any problems with bacterial infection or worms.

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Kris   Kensington, GA

12/31/2010 9:44:22 AM

I started feeding my 3 dogs raw meat about 6 months ago. I have a 4 year old Lab and 2 13 year old Rat Terriers. Their poop is white now. I get meat bones for free from a local slaughterhouse every week. I do cut off all the meat I can and cook it very rare and put it in baggies and freeze it. They get one bag in the morning and bones in the evening. They love it. And my Lab used to be very scrawny. Now he is chunky. And the old dogs are doing very well on this diet. I do have to cut theirs up real small as their teeth are not as good as they were when they were younger. They also get raw goat milk when I milk my goats in the morning. Plus veggies too. So all in all, very healthy dogs. I totally agree with the raw food for dogs. And all mine is free. So if you have a slaughterhouse nearby, just ask. They throw away all their bones.

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Thor   Vancouver, BC

12/12/2010 8:28:28 PM

I can only agree to BARF. Our Weimaraner was on kibbles before we got
Her poop was yellow, loose and stinky. We introduced raw meat with veggies, joghurt and fish
...after two weeks she has solid darker
Her mouth has not the stink emanating, and her teeth are cleaner. Yes, it cost much more than a bag from the store, but if you hook up with a hunter or a whole-meat retailer-both of you will be happy.

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Cynthia Albritton   Shorter, AL

12/2/2010 4:26:53 AM

Feeding Raw is the only way to keep the Doc away. A raw feeder for over 3 years. I never will feed grain again to my pets. The first week of feeding raw sold me know I manufacturer human grade foods for over 100 pet owners in Alabama. The only way to feed carnivors is with Meat, Bone and Organ a natural diet


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Sarah   bellevue, NE

11/12/2010 11:38:48 AM

research reseach research

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9/26/2010 12:15:21 PM

BARF type diets attempt to mimic the diet of a wild animal. The idea that feeding the meat sold at the local grocery store is how wolves eat is a dangerous oversimplification of their diet. VitaHound's research seeks the optimal nutrition via modern feeding methods. Commercial dog foods combined with supplements is currently the best method for your dog's health and well being.

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Craig   Oceanside, CA

9/22/2010 1:31:40 PM

My wife and I recently became very aware of what our family has been eating. After we realized what we were putting in our bodies that was totally unhealthy we began looking at our dogs diets. We were feeding what the people at the pet stores said was totally natural and non-allergenic and we took their word for it but when we started really paying attention we realized most of their diet consisted of corn and parts of meat I would pity a coyote for eating. We made the switch without any hiccups. They are not on a completely raw food diet because after switching my Jack Russell mix he did begin to lose a lot of weight. He is just TOO active. No matter how much meat we fed him a day (up to 5lbs) he kept losing weight so we added raw oats or rice cooked in organic turkey or chicken broth. He put the weight back on and has leveled out nicely. However our female pit mix began to get fat on the same hybrid diet. We completely cut out the grains, and she leveled out quickly too. I have read a few people's complaints on how the diet is expensive and have personal experience with a neighbor's dog that makes me agree in some cases, but for my dogs it is MUCH less expensive. They each get around 2 lbs of meat a day and I keep anything I buy for them at 75 cents/lb or less so around $3/day or $90/mo in meat. the oats and rice are a negligible expense of maybe $5-10 a month. On the "all natural dog food" or rather “Big Company Pet Food Containing Road Kill”-- and some of them DO!-- we went through 2-1/2 $55 bags a month. We are saving around $400 a year (hey its not a million but it can pay for some power tools :D) and my dogs are healthy to boot. My Jack Russell who was shedding ATLEAST a small dog worth of hair a day is now allowed to sleep in my bed and I don't have to worry about getting a lint roller out every night. Their leavings turn white and crumble up within a few days and don’t kill the grass in my backyard, AND THEY DON’T SMELL! For anyone looking into a raw food diet great on you. Just don't get discouraged when a vet tells you that you're crazy or you read from a DOG FOOD SPONSORED website that the germs and bones are unhealthy. Try it for yourself. Just give it a month and you WILL see a change. It's amazing. Good luck and good living!

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sue   s berwick, ME

8/20/2010 2:43:17 PM

I had my sheltie on the raw diet for 4 years and she developed colitis. Although I do believe this is a great diet not all dogs can tolerate this diet. My "Ruby" is now on a high fiber diet with a good quality dog food and she so far has been doing great. I think some dogs just need what a good quality dog food has, they need the vitamins, oats, and again the fiber. I also do add good vegetables to her new diet. But if your dog will do well on a raw diet by all means go for it, at least you know what they are eating,but also keep in mind fiber,fiber,fiber, it is so important to have the right amount of fiber in your dogs diet. If Ruby could she would still be on it, but she needs more fiber than a raw diet gave her.

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Chris   Carbondale, IL

8/13/2010 8:34:46 AM

I have two Siberian Huskies of which I feed both dry and raw food. Generally I feed them one boneless skinless chicken breast mixed with a high quality, high protein, grain and byproduct free dry dog food such as Blue Buffalo Wilderness. With this combination I was able to obtain an optimal balance for my children. :-)

When I had my first husky I fed him a big bag of puppy chow long before I knew anything about nutrition. He blew his coat nearly every day with greasy fur and went through a 50lb bag inside of a couple month span. When I changed his food to his current diet after experimenting I notice a HUGE difference. He shed considerably less. He became leaner and much happier even though he is grumpy because of our addition to the family but he’s getting used to it. His energy level just went through the roof. On top of that he ate considerably less food. I no longer had to regulate his intake. He would be lucky to eat half a small bowl of food inside a day. Since the addition he has eaten more but that’s because they play A LOT so he uses lots more energy.

I read in a book that for some dogs it’s good to change their foods as well as the manufactures but to still use high quality foods. This in some cases reduces their likelihood of obtaining food allergies and allows you to find a food your dog enjoys. I ran into this problem when my oldest nearly refused to eat his dry food. To solve this I changed the food every month. I go from salmon, chicken, lamb, and so on. This changes the flavor for him which he enjoys gratefully. When he has to eat the same flavor for prolonged periods of time he gets cranky. His taste for the flavor lasts for about a month then we switch and just keep cycling through different flavors. The only thing we stay away from is beef flavored foods. Beef is hard to digest and thus causes him to have digestive issues.

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Casey   Toronto, ON

8/10/2010 9:36:15 AM

I've been feeding my dogs raw food for 16 years now. I have a multiple dog home and am well into my second generation. I've feed raw to a German Shepherd, a Pointer, a Terrier, and several Retrievers. I have never had a problem with bacterial contamination of any kind (I just observe normal food safety procedures). Since going raw I've never had an overweight dog and chronic gastrointestinal problems are a thing of the past. I would also point out that until very recently Vet schools didn't spend much time at all on pet nutrition. As a result, what most Vets out there today know about pet nutrition they've learned from the big pet food companies. That speaks volumes. Still sitting on the fence? Think about this: When was the last time you saw a pack of wolfs sitting around a fire roasting an Elk?

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Randy   Colorado Springs, CO

8/6/2010 5:40:16 PM

I have two Weimaraners, one of which had serious gastro-intestinal issues that caused him to throw up often and gas that could clear any room. After switching to a Raw food diet, his symptoms ceased. At 8 1/2 yrs old, he acts like he is 2 and the vet is amazed at his health. Although the vet doesn't agree with me feeding a raw food diet, my dogs have not been in to the vet for medical reasons other than their annual vaccinations. I would rather spend my money on a raw food diet for my dogs than put it into the hands of my vet! Vets have their place don't get me wrong, but healthy dogs don't make them money!

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Adrienne   Longview, WA

7/22/2010 10:09:04 PM

I highly believe in feeding a high quality dry kibble to my dogs. I have seen dogs on raw diets and believe my dogs look just as good and energetic, if not better than these dogs on RAW diets. I listen to my Veterinarian when they say RAW is not they way to go. I have quite a few dogs that look amazing on dry kibble. I just have problems with people who say RAW is the only way to have a happy healthy dog.

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Holly   Long Grove, IA

7/17/2010 12:07:04 PM

Well, I have never found a specialty store here where I live that have raw diets ready to eat but I feed my dog raw vegetables and he loves them. He likes variety though so don't skimp and give them just the same thing all the time or they will turn their noses just like you would.

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Mat   Los Angeles, CA

6/29/2010 4:46:51 PM

Does your dog already have an illness? Putting your dog on a raw food diet actually helps prevent illnesses and promotes a much healthier cleaner doggie! Preferably, that's the kind of dog I want my kids
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