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Jonathan   Brooklyn, NY

6/29/2010 12:15:20 PM

Hello, i have a healthy 1 1/2 y/o American stafforshire Terrier. He's great. He's strong, cut, and just a lover of fun and a great giver of affection. I currently feed him Nutro: Ultra holistic Kibble. I've done research on dog food, but i'm interested in the RAW diet. i would like to know if there would really be any significant advantages by switching from the ultra holistic food, to the RAW diet. If possible, can u send a copy of ur answer to my email which has been included? Thank you.

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Kim   Pittsburgh, PA

6/23/2010 9:20:37 AM

To Kyle, not that I have ever heard of. As long as you clean up properly after chopping/cutting, you should have no problems. I clean my floor with an antibacterial cleaner and also wipe down my counters with the

To the poster that says trust your vet, when it comes to nutrition, they do NOT have the training needed. Nutrition is skimmed over in college, many will tell you that. The seminar I went to also mentioned that. and it was a vet giving
The dog food companies are the ones that put up the money to the universities to fund their programs, so that is the nutrition path they are led

I have nothing buy praise for it. My 13 y/o German Shepherd has more energy, I have less stool in the yard and it breaks down quickly, teeth are cleaner, no doggy smell. Just to name a

For those looking into this diet, RESEARCH, that is the best advice I can give. I researched and read books before started. You need a meat source, to buy in bulk is where the best savings are at. I rarely buy from the grocery store.

This book is a must and I've been to his
http://www.beaveranimalclinic. com/Dr_Doug_Beaver_Animal_Clinic/index.htm

Raw Dog Food: Make It Easy for You and Your Dog by Carina Beth Macdonald

Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats by Kymythy Schultze (Author)

All 3 books should be read before starting.

Google Raw Dog Food and you will find the BARF website and a FAQ website both loaded with

Dog food has only been around the last 60 years or so. What did dogs eat before that? Ask yourselves that question.

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Kyle   Grangeville, ID

6/15/2010 2:28:06 PM

I have 2 young kids. Is there any risk of illnesses being passed on from the dog eating raw foods to my kids?

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nick   south lake, KS

6/15/2010 9:50:40 AM

I had a scare not too long ago with my Lab where I tried a new diet that had harsh effects. That scare led me to create so owners can be properly educated about the harms of switching to "fad diets." I always recommend consulting with your vet before making any changes

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sheila   Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

6/12/2010 3:24:56 PM

I have a 5yr old Boston Terrier and she has never been fed kibble. Her teeth are as white as a puppy's, I have never seen a flee on her and she is healthy, strong, intelligent and her coat is amazing. Her stool is small, odorless and firm. I highly recommend raw diet for healthy pets!


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Heather   Houston, TX

5/29/2010 7:21:55 AM

I was told about the RAW diet from a Houston Area Dog Trainer Needham's Obedience ( Greg Needham the owner/head trainer mentioned breifly the benefits and I was sceptical at first by after seeing the health and beautiful coats of his own dogs I was sold.

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Beth   San Antonio, TX

5/25/2010 8:10:15 PM

I began feeding raw food to our 8 yr old Lhasa Apso Nikki, apx. 11 mths ago. She did great until a week ago. During an exam for luxating patella the blood work showed she was in chronic renal failure. After researching kidney disease I learned that it is not good to feed dogs high protein diets which will worsen kidney disease. Any one considering putting their pet on a raw diet should first do a blood panel to ascertain the health of their pet's kidneys and continue to monitor their performance. My vet worked with me on the proper raw food diet and never discussed the potential risks regarding the kidneys. Nikki passed away yesterday.

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AJ   Marietta, GA

4/27/2010 1:27:11 PM

How much food do you feed your dog with raw food. and how many times a day?

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Bill   Sutherlin, OR

4/16/2010 12:47:42 AM

I have a 6 lb Yorkie mix and an 8 lb Chiweenie that I started on a raw diet 2 months ago. They love the food. They are healthy. Their coats shine and the Yorkie has quit scratching (she has very sensitive skin), and their stools are very small (once a day, now), and almost odorless. I love the raw diet! One of the concerns I was warned about was the cost. But, since my dogs are small, the cost is approximately the same amount that I was spending on commercial brands. I'm glad that I switched, but more importantly, my dogs are!

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BKM   Nevada, NV

4/12/2010 10:28:37 AM

My dog makes his own kibble. I give him the ingredients and he extrudes it.


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Danielle   Sapulpa, OK

3/25/2010 12:28:22 PM

My lab has been to the vet 5 times, in one year, for things other than shots. Until I started the Raw diet. Before it, he would eat his dog food okay for the first week, vomit it back up every feeding after that. He used to dig and dig at himself from allergies, but that has been taken care of by the Raw diet as well. His coat is shiny, everytime I take him to petsmart they ask if I just had him groomed, when the only water he sees regularly is filthy pond water.

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allison   bloomfield, NJ

3/12/2010 11:29:14 AM

if you love your pet carnivores(dogs and cats) you should check out raw. i rescue homeless dogs and have had almost magical results with all of their many health issues by feeding
some vets like it, some vets dont. same can be said about breeders. you should be informed and make your own informed decisions for your companion
you will spend more on food BUT

you will spend a lot less money on vet visits.

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chuk   minneapolis, MN

3/8/2010 6:03:52 PM

This is a serious issue for me and my dogs. Your article didn't have a discernible position and seemed spiced with information crafted to be digestible to your advertisers.

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Terri   Houston, TX

3/6/2010 9:37:18 AM

I recently started a RAW diet after being told about it by a local Houston trainer Needham's Obedience ( They introduced our dog to it with our permission and we have continued after the training. So far we have noticed a healthier looking coat among other things as well. I highly recommend the RAW diet.

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Cynthia   Portsmouth, VA

2/18/2010 9:12:28 PM

Don't believe breeders. I'm not saying they are stupid. Trust your Vet. They didn't go to school for 8+ years to "feed" you a load of bull. Would you trust what your neighboor says over what your doctor says over your child being really sick?

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Marv   Lathrup Village, MI

1/31/2010 5:26:42 AM

Hi. I have been feeding my 2 Porties for 7 1/2 years since they came home from the breeder, who also fed them raw after mommy was done feeding them. I have never had anything but great fortune. I highly recomend the diet for all dogs. Their coats are shinny and soft. Their teeth are white as the day the were born. No doggy bad breth or smell.They didn't have to drink water to just handle the dry kibble. They eat raw chicken drum sticks (legs). I cut off the bottom ankle bone and make sure any loose bone at the top(where the thigh would connect) is also cut off. Takes only seconds. They also get a great variey of chicken necks, pork, turkey, beef, venison, rabbit and much more. I buy all the food from Taylor Pond Farms in Michigan. See our website. Look for me under distributors, Marv Fried, in Lathrup Village. Our prices are very reasonable and the food is processed by us under very strict supervision,

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Patt   Neenah, WI

12/12/2009 3:06:48 PM

I recently bought a new puppy and the breeder feeds all of her dogs a raw diet. I have never seen such shiny coats and clean teeth on a dog. I will continue the puppy on a raw diet plus I have switched my older 11 year old Doberman (the pup is also a Doberman) over. She loves it and has put on some much needed weight.

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Kathryn   Ambler, PA, PA

12/10/2009 9:19:30 AM

I used to feed my two rough collies raw. They did really well on it. We could never get stomach issues under control with dry foods. But, I recently had a baby and became very concerned about my baby being around my dogs when they have been eating raw. I looked for another option and found fresh dog food. It has high meat content like 70%+, but is pastuerized, so no need to worry about bacteria. Freshpet is the name of the product. My girls LOVE it, I think it has the same benefits as raw with so much less of the trouble.

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t   tampa, FL

11/22/2009 4:09:25 PM

Our cavalier was near death before we discovered he had a food allergy - most likely to wheat - constant diarreha. He was eating everthing - paper, blankets, grass, anything he could swallow - but was losing weight We switched him to raw food and 5 years later he is hale and hardy. Fortunately we had a vet who say the issue and was familiar with this syndrome.

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Sheryl   Loomis, CA

11/20/2009 3:01:51 AM

I began feeding Raw Jan 1,2009 to my working border collie who was always a bit pudgy eventhough she herded sheep and ducks daily. She also vomited atleast 5 times a week on a very expensive dry food. Within 2 months she had shed 7.5 pounds and to this date (11/20/09)has vomited only 3 times which was when she got sheep food in the barn. She is happy and shiny coated and all 3 of my Border Collies are now on it and doing great!

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