Comments on Responding to a Dog’s Medical Emergency

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Roberta   Wikieup, AZ

12/26/2008 10:36:53 AM

It's always good to know that kind of things. You never know when something is going to crop up.

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Kristin   Madras, OR

12/22/2008 2:05:50 PM

i didn't now that much bt i learned a lot

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bertha   SAN DIEGO, CA

12/13/2008 12:55:15 PM

thanks u for all the information i got the one with ibuprofen wrong!! thanks

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Angelina   Wilmington, NC

12/6/2008 1:39:58 PM

I only got one question
I guess it helps out that I work as a kennel attendant in an animal hospital.

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Sydney   Susquehanna, PA

11/24/2008 6:35:05 PM

I think that it was over all great. I think it would be great to teach people.But i also think that it great if they put some more questions on there. Some more things to show what to do in case of an Medical Emergency for dogs.


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11/24/2008 1:23:34 PM

Would appreciate more medical emergency questions in future editions. I took doggie first aid after my Police Dog was locked in car and died of heat struck now, thanks to that training I could save another dogs life if the event happens again.

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Linda   Alpha, OH

11/16/2008 8:26:47 PM

The questionare was great. I think you should give more questionares on Medical Emergencies.

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Latasha   Lancaster, KY

11/14/2008 4:24:55 PM

This quiz is good too teach people. I did not know everything on here.

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Gina   Tampa, FL

11/11/2008 8:52:21 PM

Great questions and informative responses!

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Lauren   Green Bay, WI

11/9/2008 9:12:17 AM

I really learned a lot. I'm happy they posted this.


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vanessa   san Marocs, CA

11/7/2008 9:11:54 PM

wow i really learned a lot a great quiz to take/ cant wait for the next emergency quiz ill be waiting!!!

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Kelly   Shawnee, KS

10/28/2008 4:47:15 PM

This is a great quiz. You should just alter the questions for a new quiz every time

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andre   darien, NY

10/21/2008 3:50:03 PM

great information to know

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judy   penticton, CA

10/18/2008 3:13:07 PM

good information, very very useful in the real world!:-) glad you shared the qiuz with us.

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Teresa   Spokane Valley, WA

10/10/2008 5:11:18 PM

Very good information to have handy.

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Linda   Muskego, WI

10/4/2008 10:50:49 AM

Very informative. I did not know much of this information so I am saving this info.

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K   Dunkirk, MD

9/26/2008 2:43:42 AM

NEVER EVER give Tylenol. It can cause serious health problems. Your vet has plenty of nsaids that you should consider. Asprin is not the best choice either. If your dog is limping, it shoule see the vet. It may not just be sore muscles, it could be a torn ACL, and would need surgery. I find the response to that question to be very irresponsible.

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Danielle   Kalamazoo, MI

9/22/2008 3:26:39 PM

Very interesting. A couple of them I didn't know, such as using hydrogen peroxide to get a dog to vomit. Good to know information for dog owners!

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lindsay   katy, TX

9/18/2008 7:14:33 AM

this quiz was very imformative.i got them all right so it feelsgood to know that i know what to do when my dog masie a chocolate lab(visit her blog) is hurt.

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Patty   Clearwater, FL

9/11/2008 12:43:31 PM

This was very informative, as I learned a few things I did not know. Thanks for the tips!

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