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carolyn   hadley, MA

3/24/2011 4:17:07 PM

he is perfectly smart

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Carly   tt, MI

3/15/2011 3:38:38 PM

haha lool my dog is smarter than very bright, im sur! he learned to weave in 12 minutes!

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Rachel   Kincardine, ON

2/25/2011 7:54:49 AM

apparently my dogs are brilliant. i dont think so everyday but still.

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Veroniica   gye, YT

2/19/2011 3:45:00 AM

great test for understanding my dog !!!

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Sarah   Bellevue, NE

2/4/2011 5:22:23 AM

My dog also didn't do any of those on number one. I think I have taught her wait so well she is just really patient with things. When she's done eating in her crate she just sits there so polietly some times I forget she's in there. She's very smart though most of the time we can show her something once she remembers it. She also rembers people and dogs that she hasn't seen in 6 monthes or more from her puppyhood.


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Amt   Clarksville, MI

2/2/2011 5:11:57 PM

Kool He is very bright! He even loves to "get dressed" for dog partys and gets very excited when it is time for daycamp which he rests up for.

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mc   somewhere, IN

1/27/2011 9:38:33 AM

cool my dog is "very bright"! but for #1 she doesn't do any of those things, she actually scratches the dish until someone gives her water. also #2 she doesn't quite know all of them, but most of them (she has a lot of toys)!

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Linda   Mullica Hill, NJ

1/23/2011 9:02:32 AM

17 points not too bad for Parker being 18 months old.

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Ruby, Butler & Missi's Mama   W. Gardiner, ME

1/22/2011 12:19:52 PM

Missi Mae (Peke/Tibbie mix) got a 9, but she is smart in other ways (she doesn't know many tricks or such). Missi is more of the... "If I wait, Food will Come to me" type. And the, "I don't have to worry about that" (unless we are

Ruby Rose got a 15! She is a border collie. I would call her a brilliant dog, no matter what this quiz says. I didn't do Butler Boo, but he is brilliant, and so is Missi Mae

P.S. Ruby's page number is 121766 and Missi & Butler's is 126407. Come visit them!

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Hope   N/A, PA

1/19/2011 4:18:51 PM

Cool! I knew my dogs were pretty smart, but it's nice to know that they're considered 'very bright'! :) Thanks for the quiz.


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Holly   Oroville, CA

12/31/2010 5:12:49 PM

Blitzen scored a 17! I knew he was a smart boy! Fun Quiz!

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Janet   Bethlehem, PA

12/24/2010 7:55:25 AM

good article, thanks

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Heidi   kearney, NE

12/14/2010 2:45:15 PM

I LOVE this quiz and as it turns out my dog got a 20.

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Danielle   New York, NY

12/7/2010 4:03:50 PM

My dog is
It was a fun quiz though!

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Lethy   Lebanon, PA

12/7/2010 2:23:44 AM

My chi is too smart.

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Jennica   LARGO, FL

12/4/2010 4:23:26 PM

I like this test.I wish I could take it but I don't have a dog yet. But very soon I'll be getting two!

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Terri   Oklahoma city, OK

11/27/2010 10:45:59 PM

12 average intelligence !

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Terry   Port Orange, FL

11/24/2010 2:24:44 AM

Wizard being only about 10 weeks old, we are still spending almost all the training time trying to potty train him.

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megan   hanover Park, IL

11/23/2010 3:34:22 PM

my dog is so smart he knows about 15-20 tricks and commands! way to go Dusty!!:)

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CC   Duncan, BC

11/13/2010 10:07:41 AM

Already knew she was Brilliant. Scored all fours.

"Way to go Precious"!

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