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Carol   Dodge City, KS

9/6/2009 8:32:48 AM

I have been the proud and loving owner of 4 schnauzers in the past. They did not shed at all! At this time I am the keeper of my "grandpuppy" (she belongs to my oldest grandaughter). This dog is quite small and sheds buckets of hair! It's a good thing she's smart and sweet.

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Kat   Portland, OR

9/6/2009 1:57:33 AM

The Shih Tzu breed doesn't shed either. We have had three AKC Shih Tzus. Each has been wonderful ... and they don't shed. They do, however, need to be groomed (haircuts).

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Rica   Aberdeen, WA

9/6/2009 1:51:49 AM

No one has mentioned true hairless breeds. They do not shed as they dont have hair or fur. Chinese Crested, Xolo(Mexican Hairless)The Hairles
These breeds need to be bathed regularly and the skin lotioned. The coated Xolo sheds,as do some coated Terriers.Coated Cresties do not shed.

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Cherie   Corvallis, OR

9/6/2009 12:25:45 AM

Cairn Terriers are funny & lovable. But do not shed.We now have a Golden Retriever X that sheds everywhere,but they're really family oriented & protective.

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GG.   Port St. Lucie, FL

8/29/2009 11:23:53 PM

There are many small breed dogs now being crossed with the poodle for this very reason, as poodles are known for their minimal shedding and are considered hypo-allergenic. If the poodle is not for you, consider a poodle hybrid such as a cocka- poo, puga-poo, pom-poo, or chi-poo. Good luck.


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ccc   london, CA

8/29/2009 7:49:33 AM

I really wanted to get a dog a while ago ... so I begged my mom and dad to get one and finally they gave in! So I got a jack russel. But after 4 weeks my mom started to get real sick so she went to the doctor and he said that she was allergic to dander. So I had to give up my belloved dog. Now I really want a dog but I don't want to make the same mistake! Can anyone suggest small dogs that don't shed dander at

Please help me!!!

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Hannah   newnan, GA

6/29/2009 10:47:08 AM

i have bad allergies n it was hard to find a breed that woulnt bother me but when we found our shih tzu it was love at first site i heard that they shed but they actully dont i never see hair anywere from him i can were black n never see hair this breed is great for any family i love them!

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anna   jasper, AL

6/17/2009 10:46:46 AM

my shih poo doesn't shed that much compared to my chihuahua-if they shed I would say very light shed my chihuahua on the other hand constantly sheds

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Gary   Bradford, IL

5/30/2009 8:18:44 PM

I have a rescue Greyhound and he doesn't shed much at all.

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Jackie   Pickerington, OH

5/24/2009 11:03:45 AM

Your list states that Giant Schnauzers do not shed, when in fact they do. I know the mini and standards do not, but the giants definately do!


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Patricia   Georgetown, ME

5/16/2009 8:24:13 AM

We have a standard poodle and he does not shed. Grooming a poodle is not a great concern because we live in Maine and the cold weather makes it necessary that our dog, Kampa, hair-out for the winter months. He looks like he has dredlocks. Kampa has his own web site at You can see a picture of him under Kampa's Korner.

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Becky   Adamsville, TN

5/16/2009 7:36:27 AM

I have owned (or they owned me!) 3 schnoodles (Schnauzer-Poodle mix) and they really didn't shed much. Also they had the best traits of both breeds, very intelligent and loving and learned easily. Someone stole the first one and the last two, sisters, both died of cancer. Also good with children. If I ever have a dog again, I hope to be able to locate one.

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Jen   Ringgold, GA

3/22/2009 6:01:01 AM

We have recently brought a long-haired dachshund into our home, and have not noticed any hair being left even after lengthy cuddle sessions on the couch.

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kate   Parker, CO

3/8/2009 9:47:45 AM

All dogs shed but, some dogs dont shed as much like the bulldogs,great danes,blood hounds, and pit bulls.

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tom   st. louis, MO

2/11/2009 9:01:13 PM

We have owned three Irish Setters and none of them shedded noticeably. Other Irish Setter owners and the literature about them also notes this. They have the most wonderful personalities on top being low maintenance.

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Briana   Mount laurel, NJ

1/1/2009 12:45:37 PM

That was very helpful information. Thank you.

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Olivia   wichita, KS

12/25/2008 11:51:22 AM

Australian Shepherds do shed-they are long haired dogs and would shed moderately but constantly. Just like with any dogs, brushing them out as needed will reduce the hair being shed. Yorkie poos will shed very minimaly if at all

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zach   columbiana, OH

12/2/2008 7:02:01 AM

phison friese they are cute and cuddly and dont shed

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Elizabeth   Oxford, AL

10/24/2008 11:52:37 AM

Pure Breed Austrailian Shepards don't shed either and they are great to have as long as you have a big yard!

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Latasha   Lower Salem, OH

10/10/2008 11:40:30 AM

Dogs are awesome because my dog keeps strangers away and I love him.

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