Empty Dog Food Can Winds Up in eBay Auction

Paris Hilton’s dog Tinkerbell’s trash draws a $1.5 million bid.

Posted: June 30, 2007, 5 a.m. EST

Just when you think the stories that surround Paris Hilton can’t get any more odd, the Associate Press reports that an empty Party Animal gourmet dog food can taken from Hilton’s Beverly Hills trash had sparked an eBay bidding war.

“I’m definitely skeptical,” said one of HollywoodStarTrash.com’s anonymous partners in an interview with the Associated Press after the high bid hit $1.5 million. The company scavenges trash from Hollywood’s elite to sell online.

The company asked eBay to open an investigation into the high bid’s legitimacy. eBay, which has rules against fake bids and considers bids contractual obligations, removed the bid after an investigation. The bid for the dog food can now stands at $162.50. The auction ends Saturday, June 30, 2007.

One winner in the tale of Hilton’s doggie discards is Party Animal Inc., the West Hollywood, Calif., company that markets the high-end organic dog food, which sells for as much as $2.99 a can.

“We have received a ton of Internet orders,” said Daryl Abrams, president and CEO of Party Animal, who added that Hilton buys the dog food by the case. “The last 24 hours have been the most amount of orders that we’ve had.”

Several other items from Hilton’s trash are also up for auction, including a used soda can and monogrammed pillowcase.


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kino   Spring Valley, CA

7/1/2007 10:43:07 PM

thanks for sharing

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Jill   Salem, OH

7/1/2007 3:42:53 PM

Enough already. Like P.T. Barnum said,"There's one born every minute." There are more important things going on in the world than what an empty can of Paris Hiltons dog food goes for on Ebay.

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Kari   Bandera, TX

7/1/2007 6:06:01 AM

Wow, it is unbelievable and crazy that anyone would pay for an empty dog can, regardless of who's house it came
And, for the organic dog food costing $2.99 a can ... well, I am all for organic and I am guilty of feeding my dogs the very best ... I don't believe that you always get what you pay for and the cost of something doesn't necessarily make it the best. However, if you're purchasing dog food simply because that's what Paris Hilton feeds her dog, well, that's a just silly! But, hey that's just my opinion.

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kino   Spring Valley, CA

6/30/2007 9:38:41 PM

thanks for sharing

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