Pennsylvania Governor Inspires Love for Dogs

Governor Edward Rendell, who often brought his Golden Retriever to meetings, inspires a fellow legislator to adopt a dog.

Posted: July 3, 2007, 5 a.m. EST

Politician Edward Rendell knows if you want a friend in politics, you had better get a dog.

Apparently the Pennsylvania dog-loving governor has inspired state House Speaker Denny O’Brien to adopt a dog, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Rendell made headlines for bringing his dog Mandy, who passed away in May, to meetings. He was often photographed walking near his office with the Golden Retriever, who died after a tumor in her stomach ruptured her spleen.

O’Brien met Mandy when he brought 10-year-old son Denny Jr. to a meeting with the governor prior to the Golden Retriever’s death. The younger Denny was reportedly smitten with Mandy and begged his dad for a dog. The elder O’Brien acquiesced last week.

O’Brien says he and wife Bernadette adopted a female Collie – Labrador Retriever mix from a local shelter.

Rendell also made news last year for his tough enforcement of the state’s animal welfare laws. Rendell fired all 14 members of the state’s Dog Law Advisory Board, and created two new positions, including a special prosecutor for dog law enforcement.

Rendell says he plans to adopt another Golden Retriever to keep his other dog, Ginger, company.


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Cyndi   Klamath Falls, OR

7/3/2007 9:53:33 PM

I think this was a great article. I like reading ones with a happy ending.

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Jessi   Ft Myers, FL

7/3/2007 7:49:53 AM

I say good for him, anytime anyone can get someone else interested in adopting an animal, that is good news.

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