Recalled Dog Food Brands

The list of recalled dog food brands in the Menu Foods recall totals over 50.

Updated: April 19, 2007, 1 p.m. EST

The following dog food brands have been recalled by their maker, Menu Foods, due to a contamination that could cause kidney failure and/or renal failure in dogs. Consumers who have one or more of the products being recalled are advised to stop using it immediately and anyone believing their pet may have eaten tainted food should consult with a veterinarian.

The recalled wet dog food brands are:

  1. Americas Choice, Preferred Pets
  2. Authority
  3. Award
  4. Best Choice
  5. Big Bet
  6. Big Red
  7. Bloom
  8. Cadillac
  9. Companion
  10. Demoulas Market Basket
  11. Eukanuba
  12. Food Lion
  13. Giant Companion
  14. Great Choice
  15. Hannaford
  16. Hill Country Fare
  17. Hy-Vee
  18. Iams
  19. Laura Lynn
  20. Loving Meals
  21. Meijers Main Choice
  22. Mighty Dog (only 5.3 pouch products that were produced from Dec. 3, 2006 through March 14, 2007.)
  23. Mixables
  24. Natural Balance Venison & Brown Rice canned and bagged dog foods and dog treats
  25. Nutriplan
  26. Nutro Max
  27. Nutro Natural Choice
  28. Nutro Ultra
  29. Nutro
  30. Ol’Roy Canada
  31. Ol’Roy U.S.
  32. Paws
  33. Pet Essentials
  34. Pet Pride - Good ’n Meaty
  35. Presidents Choice
  36. Price Chopper
  37. Priority Canada
  38. Priority U.S.
  39. Publix
  40. Roche Brothers
  41. Save-A-Lot Choice Morsels
  42. Schnucks
  43. Shep Dog
  44. Springfield Prize
  45. Sprout
  46. Stater Brothers
  47. Stop & Shop Companion
  48. Tops Companion
  49. Wegmans Bruiser
  50. Weis Total Pet
  51. Western Family U.S.
  52. White Rose
  53. Winn Dixie
  54. Your Pet

Source: Menu Foods


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Carolyn   Bakersfield, CA

4/18/2011 8:31:14 PM

Why has Priority dog food been able to keep their product in the stores when they have recalls on it dating back to 2006 and it is now 2011???

User Avatar

Annika   Hanover, PA

8/18/2010 5:16:28 AM

ALDI's in Hanover ,Pa sells SHEP food for dogs still!!! Don't get it!!!! My vet says boiled meat with rice is safer for dogs. My dog loves it!!

User Avatar

Bryan   Sweetwater, TN

6/30/2010 7:35:46 PM

We have been using Tops 27%/15% Protien / Fat for a while and feed 12 dogs with in The premiem Red Bag and all of our dogs got sick!!!!!!!! What should we do? In the morning we are going to The Vet.....But they wont quit throwing up....

User Avatar

Mary Kay   Easton, MD

6/18/2010 3:07:27 PM

This is utterly ridicilous that this site has NOT been updated since 2007, its 2010, do you not think you can tell us more about this Dog/Cat Food that is still on the SHELVES of our GROCERY & CONVEINIET Stores!! WHEN IS THIS ALL GOING TO STOP< thoasae items that are contaminated shoulde be off the counters years ago!!!! YET your letting people to continue to feed there animals POSION!!!! I had the PROOF ON PAPER, having two reciepts, one dated May of 2005, the other dated Feb of 2007, Our "POOH DOG" passed after we feed her FEb. 26th, MOM MOM's Birthday, in which we LOST the year 2006 2 days after her birthday!! I had 7 packets of this posion, asking regarrding the left overs, I was instructed to rid of them myself, I AM FED UP WITH MENU FOODS!! ITS TIME TO SETTLE!! WHY DO WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE 4 PEOPLE WHO ARE holding this lawsuit up!! WE all want our ANimals BACK, we know that's not goning to happen!!! YET I DO WANT AN ANSWER ON MHY IHAD RECIEPTS 2005 with the same EXACT SKU #'s to the TEE!!!! SETTLE THIS LAWSUIT IT GONE ON LONG ENOUGH!!!

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