The Search for the Obama Dog

Read up on White House pets and President Barack Obama and his family's new companion, Bo.

White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy

White House Releases Official First Dog Photo
An accompanying baseball card lists Bo’s favorite food and his goal as first dog. (6-23-09)

First Dog Bo Fetches Toy
“Beanie Bo,” from the maker of Beanie Babies, sold out in several hours. (4-25-09)

First Lady Says New Puppy Is ‘Crazy’
Michelle Obama says their Portie puppy, Bo, likes to chew people’s feet. (4-24-09)

A ‘New Hope’ for America?
The Obamas’ new puppy comes from a long line of winners. (4-16-09)

Training Tips for a Very Public Puppy
Dog Insider Allan Reznik blogs about the challenges of training a puppy in the public eye. (4-16-09)

Bo Obama Makes Waves
The Obamas take their puppy for an introductory walk around the White House lawn. (4-15-09)

What to Expect From an Obama Dog
The Portuguese Water Dog is a high-energy working dog with significant grooming needs. (4-15-09)

First Dog Gets Ready for Public Debut
Criticism flares because Bo doesn’t fulfill President Obama’s plan to get a “mutt like me.” (4-13-09)

Behavior Experts Give Dog Advice to Obamas
Listen to our puppy experts' advice for the first family. (4-13-09)

First Family: It’s All About Dog Love
After all, you don’t want your new pup writing a tell-all book some day. (4-13-09)

White House Welcomes First Dog
"Bo" the Portuguese Water Dog was a gift from Sen. Edward Kennedy. (4-13-09)

Lack of Rescues May Hinder First Dog Search
Portuguese Water Dog Club of America says PWD rescue puppies are very rare. (2-28-09)

Update: No Decision Yet on Obama Dog Breed
Portuguese Water Dog is favored by Michelle Obama; final verdict is pending. (2-26-09)

Obama Dog Will Be Portuguese Water Dog
Michelle Obama says the first family will adopt a rescue dog after their spring vacation. (2-26-09)

Obamas to Get New Dog in the Spring
As for dog breed, President Obama says “we’re still experimenting.” (2-12-09)

Branding Firm Offers Dog Name Advice to Obamas
Company responsible for naming popular brands offers advice to the first family. (1-31-09)

The Obama Dog’s Influence
A look at the Obama family’s canine conundrum from the political side. (1-24-09)

Dog Clubs Weigh In on the Obama Dog Choices
Purebred clubs air concerns about the unpredictability of mixed-breed puppies. (1-21-09)

Obama Dog Contenders Face Off
Learn more about the dog breeds being considered by the Obama family. (1-14-09)

Obama Family Closes In on First Dog
Top choices are a Labrador-Poodle mix and a Portuguese Water Dog. (1-12-09)

President-elect’s Puppy Promise Creates Buzz
As Inauguration Day approaches, the Obamas’ dog breed choice remains a mystery. (12-13-08)

More Celebrity Advice for President-elect Barack Obama
Jamie Foxx wants him to get a pit bull. (12-10-08)

‘MUTTS’ Supports Obama’s Puppy Strategy
Weeklong comic strip series advocates adopting a dog from an animal shelter. (12-6-08)

Museum Spotlights Famous First Dogs
Washington, D.C., exhibit offers a playful look at presidential pets in history. (11-25-08)

Of Dogs and Politics
Throughout history, dogs have influenced Americans’ choice of presidents. (11-20-08)

Kerry Washington Lobbies for Obama Dog
The actress and Obama family friend offers a “first dog” candidate. (11-14-08)

America Picks Names for New Obama Dog
Online survey asks respondents to write in their picks for the White House’s “first dog.” (11-12-08)

‘First Dog’ Will Likely Be Shelter Dog
President-elect Barack Obama hints at adopting mixed breed, or “mutt, like me.” (11-11-08)

First Dog Bites Reporter
President Bush’s Scottish Terrier Barney chomps reporter’s finger. (11-8-08)

Talk Turns to Potential ‘First Dog’
People weigh in on what kind of dog President-elect Barack Obama should select. (11-7-08)

Americans Elect Poodle as Potential 'First Dog'
Thousands of dog lovers vote for “best breed for the Obamas” in national poll. (8-29-08)

Obama Girls Romped With President Bush’s Dog
Michelle Obama says her daughters played with Barney during a visit to the White House. (7-26-08)

Dog Breeds for Barack Obama
Five dog breeds make the AKC’s list of suggestions for Obama’s “number two.” (7-10-08)


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User Avatar

Andrew   San Diego, CA

5/2/2009 7:15:13 PM

I'm sure the puppy mills will be pumping out as many of these dogs as possible now. Instead of Obama adopting a rescue and sending a nice message about the value of rescued dogs he gets a pure bread. I'm not shocked b/c this follows all his hypocritical tendencies though.

User Avatar

Marina   Havertown, PA

4/19/2009 12:38:37 PM

What happened to the idea that Obama was getting a mutt like himself? He went back on his
The first family could have sent a great example to the world and adopted a dog and they didn't.

User Avatar

Yukon and Pike   Port Alsworth, AK

4/17/2009 9:09:08 PM

YAY! That's Paw-some! I'm sure the world's most famous dog will be very happy. I'd love to learn more about the breed.

User Avatar

karen   little rock, AR

3/22/2009 7:26:36 AM

Maybe they should foster when they have time for a pet,..I know someone else will be taking care of this dog..but what is so hard about picking a you think he's getting a dog just b/c everyone has in the white house?

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