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Dog Care Book Wins Award
Feds Account for Dog Deaths on May Flights
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Love Me, Love My Dog
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Guys and Dogs
A dog plays matchmaker for a small-town vet and a reclusive billionaire.

Leader Dogs for the Blind Receives Imaging System
EVA Vet, a device that can produce high resolution images, will be used by the school's veterinary clinic. 

Dog and Cat Ailments Spike in Summer Months
According to data from Veterinary Pet Insurance, the number of trips to the veterinary hospital leaps dramatically from June through August.

Lassie Receives Dog Honor
Icon dog honored with first "Star Pet" award. 

The DogVinci Code
Delightful kids' book spins "tails" of international art intrigue. 

DVD Releases to Include Info About Dog Breeds
Inserts in "Eight Below" and "The Shaggy Dog" will contain details on the Siberian Husky and Bearded Collie.

Retiring Race Dogs to Return to the U.S.
Greyhound Pets of America will work to find adoptive homes for 126 canines who are returning from Mexico.

Om's the Word
Learn how to get Zen with your dog. 

"It's a Dog!"
The primer every new puppy owner should read.

Indiana Sues Woman Who Sold Puppies Over Web
State Attorney General's office says seller never delivered the promised pets.

Use of Neck Collars Increases Eye Pressure in Dogs
Study's principal author recommends harnesses.

No Signs of Cancer in 9/11 Search and Rescue Dogs
A five-year study has been tracking the health of 12 dogs.

Postal Service Asks Customers to Close the Door on Dog Attacks
As part of National Dog Bite Prevention Week from May 21-27, the USPS gives advice for preventing incidents.

A Dog's Year
Hollywood snaps up another beloved dog book.

How to Speak Dog
Book explains how to better understand your dog.

Most Dog Owners Would Not Evacuate Without Pets
Sixty-two percent of respondents in the American Kennel Club study said they'd disobey evacuation orders if they couldn't take their dogs along.

Put Your Dog's Picture on Your Credit Card
Bank of America and Hill's Pet Nutrition team up to offer PetRewards Visa credit card.

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