Dogs in the News

Save the Pit Bull

Check out these 20 tips to help keep the American Pit Bull Terrier legal as a pet dog.

DOG FANCY Cover Shoot: Bullmastiff

Meet the intelligent and fearless Bullmastiff in this photo shoot and interview.

DOG FANCY Video: Doberman

Meet the Doberman in a behind the scenes cover shoot for DOG FANCY magazine.

Assistance Dogs: Best Friends By Your Side

How much do you know about these helpful, hard-working dogs?

Who's Your Daddy? Can Dog Litters Have More Than one Dad?

Like any episode of Maury or Jerry Springer, it's not always clear who the father is when it comes to puppies.


Can Dogs Be Albino?

There are plenty of all white dogs out there, but are they albinos? Does such a thing exist?

Can You Escape a Tracking Dog?

You've escaped from prison. You know the Bloodhounds are on the way. Can you outwit them?

Green Guardians

Conservation working dogs sniff out threats to the environment and protect endangered species.

Do Alpha Rolls Show Dogs Who's Boss?

You may have seen it in some books and on some TV shows: trainers recommending to roll a dog on his back to show him who’s boss, but should you?

Can Dogs Tell Time?

While dogs may not be able to read the hands of a clock, a revelation by NOVA explains how dogs tell time using their amazing sense of smell.


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