Treating Pain in Your Dog

New brochure outlines the benefits and risks of using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for dogs in pain.

Posted: January 8, 2008, 5 a.m. EST

A free brochure on the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) — a class of drug commonly used to control pain and inflammation in dogs — is now available from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine.

“Treating Pain in Your Dog: Keeping Your Best Friend Active” outlines the benefits as well as the risks associated with NSAIDs and suggests questions pet owners can ask their veterinarians.

NSAIDs are indicated to help control signs of arthritis, including inflammation, swelling, stiffness and joint pain. Some NSAIDs may also be used to control pain and inflammation following surgery.

Most side effects are mild, but some can be serious, the brochure states. Side effects may include not eating or eating less; lethargy, depression, changes in behavior; vomiting; diarrhea, black tarry-colored stool; yellowing of gums, skin, or the whites of the eyes; change in drinking; and changes in skin (scabs, redness, or scratching).

The FDA urges dog owners to stop giving the drug and call their veterinarian if they suspect a possible side effect to an NSAID.

For details, or to request a brochure, click here.


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Mary   Battle Creek, MI

1/8/2008 4:48:01 PM

Thanks for the information!

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Christy   Covina, CA

1/8/2008 3:21:44 PM


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1/8/2008 3:01:45 PM

This is a great help to dog parents who what the best care for there furkids.

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nathan   somewherein, OH

1/8/2008 1:55:37 PM


John 3:16

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