Comments on How I Got My Parents to Buy Me a Puppy

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HaplessPizza98   Calgary, AB

4/11/2013 6:55:29 PM

My parents still won't say yes! :)

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Faith   Orange Park, FL

3/2/2010 4:29:22 PM

I had a dog named Maddie and she was my best friend in the whole world but, last month she died because of back problems and the vets could not understand how she got them because she was only 4 years old. Anyway, I was so sad when she died. I had always had a whole life! I cried a lot because I just coulden't hold it in and my parents saw how upset I was (my mom was pretty upset too) and decided that we needed another dog after some research and a little shopping we found a website from a breeder and we got our little silky terrier, Josie. I still miss Maddie but I love Josie a lot.

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tori   hopwell, VA

10/11/2009 12:21:39 PM

my mom got me a dog when I was 6 and a half!She got me a puppy golden retiver,a spoild one.

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