Comments on Bissell Conducts Online Dog Photo Contest

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Mark   Metuchen, NJ

2/21/2010 5:10:58 AM

Please help in voting for MR. Mumbles #0704641.

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sharen   atlanta, GA

2/21/2010 4:37:13 AM

i am trying to enter my pet on the website for the photo contest but it seems to be broken...where can I sent a pict of my dog pls?

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maddy   austin, TX

3/18/2009 8:35:42 AM

wow that is so awsome i cant wait!!

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Minnow   Pittsburgh, PA

1/3/2009 9:17:41 PM

So - the rights grab thing bothers me a

Also - I am generally unenthusiastic about contests that require trolling for votes in order to get's one thing for the votes to get you prizes along the way, but I feel the decisions on finalists should never be based on how much time you have to annoy people to vote for you...they should be merit based only.

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Diane Ramsey   Port Monmouth, NJ

2/16/2008 10:39:36 AM

I think the contest is a great idea; but a little different than what I thought. We lost our dog, Thumper, on Christmas Eve, about six months after I purchased the Bissell "Made for Homes with Pets Model". Now I have a vacuum that cleaned a carpet I used to scrape the hair from AND use a shop vac on and I don't have a dog. I was hoping the contest worked differently and the photo we would have picked could have been a tribute to a very special member of our family. Anyway, it's a terrific vacuum for pet hair - it worked far better than I ever thought it would! I highly recommend it!!!!


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Connie   Porter, IN

2/8/2008 9:12:03 PM

As a 20+ year employee of an animal shelter, I think its great. Its so nice to see so many well loved creatures. An eventually, hopefully, a small town shelter will benefit.

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Mark   Grand Blanc, MI

1/27/2008 6:10:36 PM

Unfortunately, as is unfortunately quite typical in such contests, Bissell becomes the owner of your photo, even if you don't win. It's what's called a "rights grab" in the photography business and it's basically a way for someone to get a large collection of good images for essentially free. Normally, transfer of copyright should require a payment of many thousands of dollars.

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Austin   Dublin, Ontario, ON

1/27/2008 10:07:54 AM

I a dog lover think it's great that average joes can have their dog's/cat's photo on a vacuum box. I'm even submiting my dog Buddy in the contest. Again I think that is great the pet's the almost no one knows about could be put on a package for everyone to see.:)

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Christy   Covina, CA

1/22/2008 10:28:24 PM

I will have to look intot his one! ;-)

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Mary   Battle Creek, MI

1/22/2008 5:23:05 PM

That's cool!


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kino   spring valley, CA

1/22/2008 5:03:47 PM

thanks for sharing

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nathan   somewherein, OH

1/22/2008 10:44:42 AM


John 3:16

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heather   farmington, NH

1/22/2008 4:32:12 AM

find this very interesting and may enter.

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Sandi   Lake Milton, OH

1/22/2008 3:32:50 AM

Another contest, cool !

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