Comments on Considering a Jack Russell Terrier

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Linda   East Brunswick, New Jersey

7/25/2013 10:00:31 PM

I have loved and enjoyed our Jack for 13 yrs. He has been loyal, healthy, dependable and quite entertaining.

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Linda   Charleston, West Virginia

4/22/2013 5:41:55 AM

AKC now has a separate breed of Jack Russell Terrier called the Russell Terrier. This recognizes the smaller Jack (aka the Puddin Jack).That said, JRTCA (the Breed club) only recognizes the dog as one size (between 10 and 15 inches with smooth, broken or rough coat).

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Jack Wilson   Rocky Mount, NC

3/4/2012 10:01:04 AM

I have never had a truer friend than our Jack
Article Good

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janet   bethlehem, PA

7/8/2011 4:18:52 AM

good article, thanks

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