Comments on The ABCs of Puppy Socialization

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Selissa - 216807   New braunfels, TX

10/3/2013 7:51:31 AM

Good informative article.

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Sharon   Yonkers, NY

1/3/2010 1:27:18 PM

I just got my puppy from the breeder @ 11 weeks of age (yorkie-poodle mix) He seems very well socialized to household things, but not outside...the windchill here is 0, and he weighs 2.4 lb, so going out is not comfortable for him. Any suggestions?

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Laura   Temecula, CA

6/17/2009 12:14:42 PM

While socialization is way easier when working with a puppy, older dogs can be socialized with a lot of time and patience. I have worked with feral dogs and although they may not be the most outgoing, they are still able to confidently walk through petsmart without cringing, attacking other dogs or urinating on the displays!

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Matt   Ventura, CA

12/29/2008 10:57:19 AM

I have a 3 month old male Maltese/Shih Tzu. He's had very little socialization with other dogs except for his littermates. He has been around all kinds of people, and has had some time with cats. Is he going to be ok around other dogs? Is there still time to socialize him around dogs, or is it too late?

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Charlie   Overland Park, KS

4/22/2008 7:13:27 AM

Very helpful!


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Anita   Fort Bragg, CA

2/6/2007 8:48:55 PM

I feel this article was very
Thank you for all the information.

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