Comments on Basic Concepts for Breeding Dogs

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kimberly   carmi, IL

2/19/2011 2:03:16 PM

Very imformative! knowledgable esspcially for me. i just started breeding and raising rat terriers last year . i need all the info i can get,the more the better. i started with my male B/w terrier and b/w female terrier . now the pups ive got they are beutiful- chocolates like pete and chocolate/white- this litter- i have a blue- solid color rat terrier male. thanks for all the info on the dog channel.

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Cynthia Marston   Sweet Home, FM

3/15/2010 7:22:26 AM

I like the hybrid vigor and unpredictability idea and hate the thought od inbreding....does that even happen in a dog pack???

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Sara   Addison, IL

3/10/2010 8:51:17 AM

Looking for a possible stud for our cairn terrier. She is going into her 2nd cycle shortly, she is very friendly and loves children. What do I need to look for in a mate?

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Sharlene   Suffern, NY

12/7/2009 4:07:24 PM

I was looking for information on pregnant female dog, and how to care for her. What are the step to ensure healthy pups?

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janet   bethlehem, PA

10/1/2009 5:23:14 AM

good article thanks


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