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Carlisa   Tulsa, OK

3/13/2011 10:13:23 PM

This is an awesome webiste and I really love all the information given on here and the things owners can do and learn with your babies also......

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Vic   landofmilkandhoney, PA

6/16/2010 11:00:52 PM

to: Rhonda, lebanon,NE- have anyone who your dog has trouble warming up to take it for a walk. multiple walks. there's something about the walk that stimulates a dogs brain in a way no other activity does. simply exercising in this simple way is the best way to introduce a new person or train an old dog to be more friendly. once your husband has done enough positive reenforcing things like walking, the dog will be noticeably more friendly with him. also, showing the dog that you are the dominant member of the household is another way of saying in dog language that you are the protector of the household, because that's what pack leaders do. when that dog realizes that you guys are the top of the pack, that dog will feel less vulnerable and therefore more calm and less afraid. if you need this type of method explained further, i suggest looking up Ceasar Milan aka the "dog whisperer" online, or watch his show on national geographic. the method has never failed. no i'm being totally serious. there's no dog he hasn't been able to rehabilitate.

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Rhonda   lebanon, NE

1/29/2010 6:51:08 AM

Our Cocker is almost 6 months old. We got him at 4 months. He is so afraid of my husband. My husband trys to work with him all the time, holding feeding trying to play etc but nothing has worked. Any ideas!

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Stephanie   North Canton, OH

11/8/2009 5:33:26 PM

Great article-thanks! We socialized our Pomeranian as soon as we got him. Introducing him to lots of people and pets have helped him become a friendly and welcoming dog. Socialization is sooooo important!

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Olivia   Kettleby, ON

4/5/2009 11:31:29 AM

Wow I didn't know socialisation was so important. I will make sure to follow your advice carefully.


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Sherri   La marque, TX

3/19/2009 5:02:52 PM

Great article! My puppy met my parents for the 3rd time today and is still scared of my dad. I'm not sure what to do to get her over that fear. She will go nowhere near him and even hid today.

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Jennifer   madras, OR

9/20/2007 1:07:55 AM

great article! It had great tips on socilizing our new puppy! Thanks!

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Brooke   Roosevelt, UT

8/28/2007 3:07:01 PM

I may be getting a dog soon, particularly a puppy, and need to know as much as possible about proper socialization. Thanks for the great article! I've learned alot!

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megan   frazeysburg, OH

8/26/2007 11:10:30 AM

thanks for the tips

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Sharon   Weir, KS

12/26/2006 1:13:44 PM

I could not have said it better myself. As a small breeder I can not stress the importance enough of socializing puppies to my new families. The ABC's of socializing and this website are going on the top of my list for my new families to read and review. I start pups out very early, with lots of hands on and 1 on 1 time. I would love to advertise on my personal website thank You for so much help and information to pass on.


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